Betty & Tom's Newsletter Archives
Betty & Tom's Newsletter Archives
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June 18th Email (Jun 2019)
Winter is coming. In case you're wondering... ...why our newsletter output is so poor, blame it on the baby. Yes, you read that right:  the baby. Not that the baby has done much since taking up residence in Betty. Though he is already proving to be a craftly little bugger. Around six weeks in, we thought he'd up and left. Instead of going to see a doctor to confirm that he'd REALLY gone, we consulted Dr. Google Dr. Bing, who said, "Yes, it appears so." And so, with ble

April 24th Email (Apr 2019)
You thought we were done but we're back and longer than ever!  Photo taken by Tom at Gap Bluff The Arrivals Edition: Money, Stuff and Our First Visitor!  Between our last newsletter and this one, we fell off the writing wagon and instead focused on other things, namely: spending two weeks in Europe, one week flying to and from Europe, readying the house for our first visitor, and attending to a million and one little life things that, added up, make life seem b

March 5th 2019 Email (Mar 2019)
Wait no more, the much anticipated THIRD issue of our newsletter has arrived!  We've moved in!   First things first, happy Australian Mardi Gras, or as we seppos call it, Gay Pride Day. We are writing this here post from one of our favorite pubs of the moment, The Clock, in Surry Hills. It’s about 5 minutes walk from our new house.   Speaking of which, after 3 months and 19 days of homeless wandering, we finally have an apartment again. Wooo. We had some ti

Feb 15 2019 Email (Feb 2019)
Wait no more, the much anticipated second issue of our newsletter has arrived!  Surry Hills, here we come!  We had intended to send the newsletter out at an organized, weekly clip, but we've instead decided to deploy them like New York thunderstorms - you never know when you're gonna get sogged... with sunshine!  Much has happened since our last newsletter. We moved out of the AirHovel in Newtown, spent a week in Elizabeth Bay, and are now very happy i

Feb 05 2019 Email (Feb 2019)
And the newsletter is not fake! Welcome to the inaugural issue of our much-hyped newsletter! Here we are in the arrivals hall at Sydney airport. Look how fresh we are after the flight. It's not that bad! You barely even notice it! Yes, the newsletter is real And we're ready to spam you because we have a lot of time. Well, sort of. The newsletter is off to a late start because househunting and life admin stuff and moving between hotels is time and energ

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