May 2020
The State of Wyoming's Economic Development Agency

In times of need, our small, tight-knit communities and local business owners shine brightest. We’ve gathered some of the stories we’ve learned about or been part of in the last few weeks. 

We know this is just a fraction of the compassionate, creative ways Wyoming is responding in the face of covid-19. If you have a story to share about how your community or your favorite local business is helping others in a time of great need, please email

We’ve built a one-stop site for businesses to tell customers about changing hours, special accommodations they are making for at-risk populations and how to access their services.  
There are 900+ listings so far and you can add yours today!
What help do you need in your community? What struggles is your business facing? How can we help you recover from this pandemic and thrive in the future? Visit our covid-19 resource page and fill out our survey. 
Last week, Gov. Gordon eased restrictions on some businesses. Small-business owners naturally had some questions, so we held online webinars to help them out. Check out those webinars and the FAQ that came from 100s of business owners like you. 

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