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Aug. 12, 2011

Greetings! !

When humans look at the sky and the ocean, they see expansiveness and think of possibilities.  Ocean vacations are very popular for this reason.

August isn't done yet and there's still time to complete your business' possibilities in the last 4 months of the year.  You had dreams at the beginning of the year.  If you're not achieving the full dream this year, what's a refined or scaled-down goal that's achievable?

1) What's your revised goal you'd like to have for 2011?
I like to ask myself what's the final step and work backwards from there.  This year, I want to have a consistent marketing program.  At first I thought it would be a webinar series.  That didn't happen.  So, instead I committed to my newsletter.  Now, my revised goal is to expand the subscribers and to get better content.

2) Can you break part of your goal into  4 or 5 steps?
When I work backwards, I think of the very last step that puts my marketing in my reader's hands.  For instance, this newsletter's final step is not to finish the writing.  The final step is set it up in Benchmark to be sent out.  For increasing subscribers, I'm working on ways to get it out on social media, think of people other people I meet to subscribe and so on.  My real secret to breaking it all down is just a handwritten list.  I think more clearly when I write it down by hand and I don't do it at my desk.

3) Schedule it
After you've laid out your steps, put it on your calendar, giving yourself realistic lead times to complete your task.  And, plan a reward for it's completion.  Or, reward each completion date.  Whatever works for you.  Heck, I'm inclined to reward each little step you take.  And, I always tell myself "Progress, not perfection."

Good Marketing,
Anne Kenney
Chief Wrangler

Standing Apart From Your Competition
Your unique approach to your business is at your fingertips

If you've ever attended a marketing seminar, picked up a book on marketing or read a how-to article, inevitably, someone discusses your Unique Selling Proposition. 

Most business owners scream "What's unique about me?" because there are millions of realtors, insurance agents, CPAs or whatever your profession is.  And, you're right.  Your profession is not unique.  You have competition from other local purveyors, franchises and large national companies and you are all the same...sort of.

But, something about your business is unique.  It may be your market niche, your special way of doing your business,  the outcome you produce for your clients or the way you deliver your services.  So, what makes you unique?

3 Questions To Determine Your Uniqueness
1) What are you most passionate about in your business?  
I had one client who was very, very passionate about helping women avoid plastic surgery in response to their aging.  At her medi-spa, you could get Botox and Restalyne (a filler) and laser treatments that would make you look great but at a fraction of the price of plastic surgery and with far less intrusion and recovery. 

Her unique selling point is that she's a RN who's worked for one of the inventor's of IPL (intense pulse laser) used in every single medi-spa in the U.S.  Her deep understanding  of IPL, its benefits, its limitations and its hazards make her unable to over promise or create a risk for her patients.  That's reassuring to prospective patients who very likely never experienced this technology before.

2) What's the one thing you want to stop your clients from doing the most? 
Ideally there are problems you hope your client never encounters if they'd worked with you from the beginning.  As trusted advisers, we want to be there early in the process for our clients so they stop harming their business in our field of expertise.

I think one thing that makes me unique is my passion for being kind of hard on media sales people.  In my perfect world, I would like my clients to stop buying advertising without asking hard questions or really evaluating the effectiveness being promised.  Most media salespeople are well intentioned but don't see the whole picture of that business' marketing.  That's why I ask lots of detailed questions when I'm speaking with a media sales rep and that can seem mean.

I'd tell you that without those questions, many folks get mad at their marketing because they've purchased ineffective ads, making my industry's reputation suffer.  I know I can't fix everyone but I'm sure gonna keep asking questions. 

3) What micro-niche do you like to work with as a client? 

For a CPA, it might be a small business owners in over their heads with a tax audit.  For a Realtor, it might be first time home buyers in one particular neighborhood.

Doctors are some of the greatest micro-niche specialists ever.  An oncologist who specializes in ovarian or cervical cancer is perhaps unpleasant to discuss until it's you.  That's when you need someone who's going to really, really help you and know all there is to know about the latest procedures, medicines and treatments.  Then, that specialization makes sense is reassuring.  Specializing in a micro-niche is a kind of short hand that prospective buyers can easily read so they know whether you can help them...or not.

You are different from your competitors.  What is it?  Then, tell everyone.

10 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Outsource
Entrepreneur Magazine offers a list of things you should outsource to free up your time and energy.  Few of can be a jack-of-all-trades.

Struggling with your work load?  You don't have to.  Even if you're cash-strapped, you can find one or two things to off load and free you up for your technical genius.  I once heard a great point - The Rolling Stones don't set up their equipment at their concert.  So, why do you try to do it all yourself?

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