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April 2010 

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Ready. Set. Go!  The 2010 Texas triathlon season is upon us.  As a kickoff to our season, High Five Events is launching its monthly e-newsletter.  We'll be bringing you the latest info on upcoming events, profiles of our volunteers, tips for your triathlon event experience, explainations of USAT rules, and info on our partners.

So read on and enjoy, and of course please send us your feedback!

Note:  You are receiving this first edition because you participated in one of our events as an athlete or volunteer in 2009.  Subscription info is available at the bottom of this email.

Upcoming Events
Splash-n-Dash, The Rookie, Texas Tri Series 

Some events are already sold out and many are on their way to selling out.  Add these great events to your schedule to kickoff your triathlon season:

April 20th:Splash-n-Dash at Pure Austin Quarry lake (Every Splash-n-Dash sold out in 2009. You must register online.)

May 9th: The 2010Texas Tri Series kicks off with The Rookie. (This year's finisher party will be held in the grand Texas ballroom at the Hyatt Regency Austin.)

May 9th: The Rookie Triathlon. (The Rookie is sold out. Ladies, the Skeese Greets Women's Tri still has spots left. Guys, you can still complete the Texas Tri Sereis if you volunteer.)

Featured Volunteer
James Thomas

High Five Events LOVES their volunteers! It would be impossible for us to put on our events the way we do without the support of the energetic and enthusiastic people who come out to help with packet pick-up, race set-up, and race day events.

The Rookie Tri has sold out, but you can still be involved in the event, earn credit towards completing the Texas Tri Series, and join in the fun with the team as a High Five Events Volunteer! (oh, AND you get a free volunteer t-shirt, burger, beer, and ice cream on race day, and an invite to the exclusive Rookie Tri Volunteer Party!)

Being a volunteer at High Five Events' races counts towards qualification in the Texas Tri Series and qualifies you for special volunteer and Tri Series prizes! Visit http://www.TexasTriSeries.com for further details.

Year after year, we continue to be amazed at how much our volunteers give to support the races and the athletes. To give you a more detailed glimpse into our wonderful volunteers, we’ll be highlighting an individual every month in our e-newsletter.

Up this month, one of High Five Events' most active and dedicated volunteers: James Thomas!

How many years have you volunteered with High Five Events? This will be my fourth year.

What is your favorite part of volunteering at High Five Event races? Getting to hear the stories of many of the participants.

Why do you volunteer? In my first year I was so being afraid of doing a tri, I volunteered.  The second year, I suffered a bad dog bite, so I was out for that season and volunteered, and last year, I completed my first triathlon, participated in the Texas Tri Series, and volunteered.  It is so much fun to hear people talk about their journey into the triathlon sport and to talk about "Their first Tri."

What's the craziest thing you've witnessed while volunteering? It is not really crazy, but I remember being in the Longhorn 70.3 transition area, and seeing a father's son and daughter watching him getting ready for the beginning of the race.  After giving them a kiss at the fence and walking to the swim start, they race around the fence yelling for their dad and saying "We Love you Daddy."This is the great thing about the triathlon sport.  The athlete does the training and completes the race, but they are never ever alone!

What's your favorite part of the course to work? Packet Pick-up.

Favorite sport besides triathlon? I am a basketball nut; I so wish Butler had won.

What is the earliest you've woken up to volunteer? 3:30am to carpool with another volunteer to The Rookie.

Favorite volunteer perk? Getting to meet so many great people.

Best/Worst volunteer t-shirt color? I do not think that the blue-green color (2009 Couples) is my best color, but with that race being my first tri, I will keep it.

Thanks James!

Sign-up to volunteer at the upcoming Rookie Triathlon!

Triathlon 101
Planning for your first triathlon

Walking up to the race site on the morning of your first triathlon can be a daunting experience.  Here's some basic advice to help make your first tri as smooth as possible:

  1. Plan to arrive early.  You should park your car at least 1 to 1.5  hours before transition closes.
  2. Check list:  Mentally go through the race imagining yourself putting on each piece of clothing and equipment to make sure you don't forget anything.  For example:  Swim = swimsuit, wetsuit, goggles, timing chip.  Bike = bike, helmet, bike number, bike shoes, socks.  Run = run shoes, race number.
  3. Prepare everything you can at home the night before.  Don't wait until you get to the race site to put your number on your bike or fill your water bottles.
  4. Look at the maps & know the course.  It's a lot less stressful when you know where you are going.
  5. Leave time to use the toilet.  There will always be a line because everyone wants to go at the same time.
  6. Bring something to wear after the race.

Officials Corner
Sections 5.8 Illegal Equipment & 5.9 Helmets

Since The Rookie Triathlon and the beginning of the triathlon season for most is right around the corner, we thought it would be good to discuss a  rules that many new triathletes may not be aware of.  It's also a rule that really help keep everyone safe on race day.  Actually, it's a good idea to follow this rule any time you ride a bike, regardless of whether you are in a race or not.

USAT Rules - Section 5.9 Helmets. (a) Type of Helmet. All participants shall wear a protective head cover, undamaged and unaltered, which meets or exceeds the safety standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Helmets manufactured prior to March 10, 1999 must meet or exceed the safety standards of (i) the American National Standard Institute (ANSI Z-90.4), (ii) The Snell Memorial Foundation (Protective Headgear for Bicycle Users), or (iii) ASTM F-1446 or F-1447, and which is clearly labeled by the manufacturer as satisfying such standards. Removal of helmet cover, if required for that helmet to meet such safety standards, shall constitute an impermissible alteration in violation of this Section 5.9(a). Any violation of this Section 5.9(a) shall result in disqualification. (b) Chin Strap Violations. The helmet must be fastened before the participant first mounts the bicycle, at all times when the participant is on the bicycle, and must not be unfastened until the participant has dismounted. Any violation of this Section 5.9(b) which occurs while the participant is in the transition area shall result in a variable time penalty. Any other violation of this Section shall result in disqualification. This Section 5.9(b) shall be enforced at all times while at the event site on race day.

Discussion: Essentially, Section 5.9 states the following:

  1. Your helmet must be a certified helmet, so that it meets basic safety criteria.
  2. You must have your helmet on your head and the chin strap buckled any time you ride your bicycle at the event.

We'll check your helmet and your bike when you bring it into transition race morning. You can also bring it by your local bike shop beforehand if you are unsure whether it's up to standards. As far as wearing your helmet, we recommend you put your helmet on and buckle the strap before you take your bike off the bike rack after the swim. That way you don't forget during the mad rush to the mount line.

Also, make sure you wear your helmet and buckle the strap if you ride your bike to or from the race site. You can get a penalty for not wearing a helmet anytime during the event, not just during the actual race.

Featured Partner
PureSport Workout & Recovery Drinks

High Five Events is again pleased to announce our partnership with PureSport! PureSport was founded here in Austin and has been a huge supporter of local athletes and events.

When you're active, muscles use and lose protein. Drinking PureSport gives your body the protein it craves when it matters most - before, during, and after exercise. PureSport Workout replaces lost fluids and electrolytes, restores fuel during exercise for more energy and improved performance, and enhances recovery with added protein. PureSport Recovery promotes recovery after exercise by accelerating the replacement and storage of muscle fuel. The added protein reduces muscle damage and induces muscle repair.

PureSport Workout drink will be available pre-race, in transition, and at aid-stations during races. We’ll also have PureSport Recovery at the finish line.To find out more about PureSport and other nutritional products to help you reach your best in triathlon training and racing, or to pick-up some of these great PureSport products, stop by Jack & Adam’s Bicycles

To receive 15% off your entire PureSport order, mention this newsletter at the Jack & Adam's checkout, or go to www.puresport.com and use coupon code 15high5.

High Five Events would like to thank you for participating and volunteering at our events.  We strive to provide you with  the safest and most enjoyable event experience possible, and we are proud to serve central Texas. 

Email:  info@highfiveevents.com
Web:  www.highfiveevents.com