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February 2011

Dear Subscriber:

Happy New Year!

High Five Events couldn't be more excited to be bringing so many fun filled events to you in 2011!  Get your bike tuned, your swim cap ready, and your shoes laced up because the calendar for this year is nothing short of amazing.

You’ve enjoyed the off season and the holidays.  Now is the time for YOU to take control of your health and fitness, and there is no better way than to do it with Triathlon.  Start the season off with a bang at The Rookie Triathlon, and challenge yourself to be a part of the entire Texas Tri Series.  New this year, we also have two casual & fun events to get the season rolling: The Round Rock Express Ride and The Texas Round-Up.  Invite your friends and encourage people to challenge themselves to be fit and try something new!

2011 Calendar of Events
Please take note of new events and new locations!


The Rookie Triathlon
New Venue, New Date, New Divsions

There is no better race to kick of the tri season than The Rookie! 2011 is bringing you a new venue, new course, new date, and a new category only for beginners.

This signature race is starting off the season a few weeks earlier on April 17th and is moving a few miles closer to Austin, to a larger venue, Decker Lake. Complete with new divisions, 'The Rookie,' 'The Veteran,' and 'Open,' this event is fun for the newbie and the seasoned athlete alike.

Come out, achieve your goals, encourage your friends, and just have fun! As always, all abilities are welcome and any bike will do.

What kind of goal have you set for yourself at The Rookie?  Let us know over on Facebook for your chance to win a free entry.  Hurry up though, the deadline is March 9th!

Once The Rookie has got you hooked, channel that excitement into completing the entire Texas Tri Series.  Did we mention that the exclusive and all inclusive finisher party is at the Hyatt Regency?!!!  (See Volunteer below) 

Triathlon 101
When it is injured and when is it sore?

As most of us move out of winter hibernation and get back in the swing of regular execise, we are prone to soreness and injury.  Our friends at Advanced Rehabilitation offer some simple tips to keep you healthy.

Training for a triathlon and being active in general usually involves a moderate amount of soreness and even discomfort at times. It is often hard to tell if soreness and tightness is normal, or if an injury is waiting to happen. Often it is too late to treat an injury if you are only a few weeks out from an event, but hopefully these three simple tips will help you to identify when to get immediate attention in order to make it to the finish line.

Tip #1 – Typical signs of injury are redness, swelling, heat in the affected area, and even discoloration, or bruising. This can include a swollen ankle the day after a long run, heat and irritation around the knee after a long ride, or even severe tightness and limited motion in your hip after a brick session. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, especially during or immediately after activity, DO NOT waste any time in getting properly evaluated.

Tip #2 – Changing your technique due to pain can often precipitate an injury. Knee pain during a long ride may cause you to sit differently on your bike, or to move your leg differently while you pedal, and the next morning your back hurts. This scenario is a prime example of a compensation injury. These injuries occur when you slightly change
your technique to lessen immediate pain, but the long term effects create a significant injury. If you notice a new pain, or that you are changing the way you swim, ride, or run, please do not hesitate to get checked out.

Tip #3 – Tightness or stiffness that lasts more than 24 hours can be an injury as well.  This restriction in range of motion can be due to adhesion, or scar tissue, that has formed in the joint or surrounding muscles. This decrease in range of motion will lead to a compensation injury as well. The best way to identify these problems is to stretch gently on a regular basis to know when your body is just not moving like it should.

These are just a few tips to help get you to the finish line. If these things are caught quickly enough we can often work out a plan to decrease activities that cause problems and increase activities that are safe for the condition. The key when you have an issue is not to wait until it becomes debilitating. Get it looked at before it ruins your race.

Advanced Rehabilitation offers free injury evaluations to new patients from 11:00am to 1:00pm every Wednesday at all of our Austin locations. No appointment is necessary.

Advanced Rehabilitation, in partnership with ART Healthcare, is the leading provider of sports medicine and rehabilitation for Central Texas Triathletes. With 7 Locations in Austin and Dallas, our providers specialize in preventing injury and treating injured triathletes, runners, and cyclists of all levels. All of our providers are full body certified
in Active Release Techniques and our Physical Therapists also treat pre and post surgical patients as well. For help with your sports injury, please contact us 512-467-100 at or check us out at

- Dr. AJ Zelinski & Dr. Phil Davis

Volunteer in 2011
Mix it Up -- Race AND Volunteer

Did you know that every year High Five Events hosts a TX Tri Series Finishers party in late November for all who have participated in all of our events?

Did you also know that you don't have to COMPETE in all of the events but could VOLUNTEER at some (or all!) and still be a FINISHER and be invited to the PARTY? 

In fact, finishers who volunteer at 5 or more events in the Texas Tri Series are considered ALL STAR VOLUNTEERS and receive some specials gifts at the party.

In 2010 finishers enjoyed a sit down dinner, drinks, and a night of fun at the Hyatt Hotel in downtown Austin. Don't miss out in 2011! Contact us at to volunteer for any race, or sign up on the event websites.

Check out the pics from the 2010 party.

High Five Events would like to thank you for participating and volunteering at our events.  We strive to provide you with  the safest and most enjoyable event experience possible, and we are proud to serve central Texas.