Rebun Island an island in the Sea of Japan off the northwestern tip of Hokkaido.


Welcome to the June edition of Japan Agent Update. 


 ~JAPAN Best Incentive Travel Awards 2019~ 

The Japan Incentive Travel Awards, run by JNTO Head Office, aims to recognise outstanding achievers among global meeting and incentives planners for their delivery of unique programs and experiences for incentive tours to Japan, and showcasing the attractions of Japan as an ideal incentive destination to the world. Applications are currently open and will close on Friday, 2nd August 2019.
We hope to receive your application! 
For more information: JAPAN Best Incentive Travel Awards 2019


Here are some FYI infomation on Japanese Festivals & Events: 

- JNTO Head Office, all year round festivals & events.

 ~Insider Tip~

 #13: Toilets in Japan


When faced with two doors with signs in kanji, no English in sight and no colours to differentiate by, how does one know which is the men’s and which is the women’s? Remember this adage: The man is the one with a rice field for a head (男), and the woman has her legs crossed (女).

Once you've made it past the entrance, you may be faced with another dilemma when the individual stalls have strange characters: 和 and 洋. The first, with the box that could easily represent a hole in the ground, means “Japanese style,” and behind that door you’ll find a squat toilet. The second, with the drops on the left and the toilet brush on the right, means “western style,” and behind that door you’ll find the familiar commode.

Or perhaps not so familiar, because many toilets in Japan are high tech, with washlets including seat warmers, bidets, and even a little blow dryer for post-bidet use. Three options here, then: Look up a guide to see what the buttons mean; experiment and get ready for a surprise; or just ignore them and use the toilet as normal.

Another fixture you will often find in women's public toilets is the 音姫 "oto-hime," or "sound princess," which can be either a panel on the wall or a button on the washlet control panel. The wall panel may be either a button or a motion sensor, and when triggered it will play a flushing sound for 20-30 seconds for privacy.


Major Updates

New hot spring ‘Kotobuki’ opens at Rusutsu Resort Hotel in Hokkaido!


A brand new hot spring (onsen) facility overlooking Shikotsu-Toya National Park will open on 1 July 2019.

Asakusa Summer Night Festival – Sumida River Lanterns

Summer in Asakusa. In order to pray for their ancestors’ happiness in the next life, as well as for peace, the people of the area float lanterns down the river.

The reflection of the lantern’s soft light on the river leaves a magical atmosphere in the air.

Sumida Fireworks Festival

No summer is complete in Japan without fireworks.

Colourful fireworks will light up the summer night sky.

The Sumida Fireworks Festival is one of the largest fireworks displays in the Kanto area.


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