Issue #5 July 2012
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Featured Video: The Dangers of Artificial Turf

Important information for the landscape professional when specifying Ozbreeds plants

Zoysia vs Kikuyu for the Council Park

Ozbreed plants thrive in extreme ACT conditions

Organic soils and mulches
Fire retardant plants

The best drought tolerant,
low growing plants for ACT

We want to see your landscape projects

Vintage Red™ update

Plant Profiles:

NEW RELEASE Free Fall™ Casuarina glauca prostrate 'CAS01' PBR

Meema™ Hardenbergia violacea 'HB1' PBR

Australian Box hedges: Ozbreed Aussie Box® Westringia 'WES02' PBR and Grey Box™ Westringia fruticosa 'WES04' PBR

BlazeDianella tasmanica 'NPW2' PBR
The Dangers of Artificial Turf

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Comparing Westringias

Landscapes are making the switch to native turf
Rain gardens
Have your own personal Ozbreed field day

Plant profile: Pinnacle
Welcome to another Landscape News!
Ozbreed has been busy releasing many wonderful and new native shrubs and groundcovers, hardy exotics and many other plants this last year. Now we can't wait to tell you about them.

You will see below there are now videos for our plant profiles, so if you don't feel like reading just sit back and watch the video! Ozbreed has a whole Youtube channel full of new and existing plants. See them for yourself here.

Sorry to those of you who are new and have been waiting for this email, we hope you find it useful.


Katrina Layt
Important information for the Landscape Professional when specifying Ozbreed plants
Your specifications on plants may not always be followed. In this article is information on the substitution of plants and how you can stop it. Also the minimum pot sizes available for different Ozbreed plants and why you should advance order for larger projects. Full article. See Ozbreeds Authorised Suppliers list here to make sure you're getting the right plant.
Zoysia vs Kikuyu for the Council park


This article from the Lawn Guide lists all the benefits of a Council park using Zoysia turf against all the disadvantages with using Kikuyu. Full article

Ozbreed plants cope in extreme ACT conditions

Feedback from ACT Landscape Architects have noted that Ozbreed plants handle extreme conditions of down to -8c. Full article.
Organic soils and mulches
"All too often landscape professionals use organic soils and mulches incorrectly. Unfortunately the confusion is enhanced by suppliers promoting the wrong product as ground cover mulch, and inadequately refined products for soil conditioning or soil blends.Full article
Fire retardant plants

A quick, easy guide for plants recommended for use in bushfire prone areas. Full article.
The best drought tolerant, low growing plants for ACT

The best drought tolerant, low growing plants in order of smallest to largest in height. Full article
We want to see your landscape projects!

Send us some images of your Landscape Projects that include Ozbreed plants. We would love to see all the different ways Ozbreed's plants have been used, no matter how large or small the project is. Just send your images to
Vintage Red Update

Some care tips on Vintage Red and how it should be used for ACT. Full article
NEW RELEASE Plant Profile: Free Fall Casuarina glauca prostrate 'CAS01' PBR

Free Fall looks nothing like Cousin It as most people assume. It has a much wider spread and is perfect for roadsides and erosion control. Full article
Plant Profile: Meema Hardenbergia violacea 'HB1' PBR

Meema has been established as a great shrubby groundcover.

We have had some great feedback:
"A couple of years ago I got a sample Hardenbergia violacea 'Meema' and didnt expect too much to be honest - it's been outstanding - I've had to buy some for friends when they become available in nurseries because they were constantly asking about the purple explosion in front garden."
Click here to see the full sized video.
Plant Profile: Australian Box hedges Ozbreed Aussie Box® Westringia 'WES02' PBR and Grey Box Westringia fruticosa 'WES04' PBR

Now Australia has it's own box hedges that handle Aussie conditions but still create a low, formal hedge. Full article.

Click here to see the full sized video of Aussie Box.
Click here to see the full sized video of Grey Box.
Plant Profile: Blaze Dianella tasmanica 'NPW2'' PBR

Blaze is a very tough plant and a great alternative to Cordylines and Phormiums due to its superior heat tolerance. Full article
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