Issue #2 December 2010
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Featured article: Lawns are officially good for the environment
Timber in the landscape

Cooling the outdoor room

Power People
Landscaping with Liriopes

Plant profiles:

Flamin' TM Phormium tennax 'PHOS1' PVR

King Alfred TM Dianella caerulea 'JOHN 316' PVR

Velvet Kangaroo Paws
Lawns are officially good for the environment !
It's official, lawns are good for the environment! Lawns soak up more the 4 times the amount of carbon than a modern lawn mowers engine will produce. This is certainly good news for the environment and people can now feel good about their lawn. 0.8 tonne of carbon per ha per year is sequestered by a maintained lawn. Full article
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Welcome to another informative issue of New Zealand Landscape News. Our featured article is Lawns are officially good for the environment!
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Katrina Layt
Timber in the landscape

"Choosing the right timber for the right landscape use in unbelievably confusing." This article gives you information on what type of wood to use where, the life expectancy in certain situations and which cut of wood you should be asking for. Full article
NOTE: This article was written for Australia so there may be slight differences in timber ratings.
Power people

Electrical pylons in Iceland have been designed into people that change throughout the landscape. These amazing figures are much more appealing than than your average pylons. Find out more
Cooling the outdoor room

"The outdoor room has become popular in small backyards all over New Zealand, but is it good for the environment, and your health? Can simple changes in design make the outdoor room far cooler and more environmental? The outdoor room has many practical benefits for entertaining, but are they comfortable on a hot day?" Full article
Landscaping with Liriopes

Liriopes are the perfect plants for shade and sun with great evergreen foliage and beautifully coloured flowers. They are tough landscape plants. One variety, Isabella can even be used as a one mow per year lawn alternative. Full article
Plant Profile: Flamin' TM Phormium tennax 'PHOS1' PVR

Flamin' is a tough Phormium with vibrant foliage colour that is sure to catch your eye. It is great for mass plantings or that one feature plant. Full article
Plant Profile: King Alfred TM Dianella caerulea 'JOHN316' PVR

King Alfred is the perfect plant for surface erosion control. It has been proved to strengthen bare soil by 752%. A beautiful blue toned Dianella. Full article
Plant Profile: Velvet Kangaroo Paws
Anigozanthos hybrid 'Gold Velvet' PVR
Anigozanthos hybrid 'Regal Velvet' PVR

These Velvet Kangaroo Paws have been bred for landscape professionals with their landscape toughness and desirable height. They also have an amazing flower show. Full article
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