Issue #4 March 2011
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Featured article: Ozbreeds Field Day - Have a private tour
Rain gardens

New pot sizes for new plant varieties

Honda Lawn Lovers are on Facebook
Playground plant and mulch trial

Comparing Westringias - what's the difference?
Landscapes are switching to native turf

New plants and the Ozbreed gardens

Ozbreed Update

Garden showcase

Plant Profiles:

PinnacleTM Syzygium australe 'AATS' PBR

Landscape Azaleas - the Encore Azaleas

Featured Article - Ozbreeds Field Day Have your own private tour
See the feedback from the field day and how your company can get a private tour. Full article

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Emaho Trees Specializes in advanced hardy, Australian native field grown trees suited to a wide range of climates throughout Australia. These trees are suitable for either street and feature tree plantings or for windbreaks, screens and hedges. Also available is a range of advanced Camellias.
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Turf is officially good for the environment

Let us know what your ideal plant is

Plant profile: MeemaTM Hardenbergia violacea 'HB1' PBR
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Another year to come with new plants and research!
Enjoy a sneak peek at some of the new plants to come in the future and see our featured article Ozbreeds Field Day.


Katrina Layt
Rain Gardens

Rain gardens have many benefits for our waterways and ourselves. When selecting the right plants for your rain garden, you have to follow a few rules to make it successful. Find out what plants will work in rain gardens. Full article

New pot sizes for new plants
The Shrubs and Ground Covers range
are not as quick growing like strappy leaf plants and grasses when it comes to establishment. For this reason Ozbreed has agreed with Government authorities and therefore minimum size of plants for sale will be 90mm pots. 140mm pots are even better for these types of plants.
Trialling with Government authorities shows that results of planting and establishment are adversely affected by using planting sizes any smaller than 90mm pots.
Playground plant and mulch trial

It's early days but some promising results are already showing for methods of planting into soft fall mulch. This will hopefully bring some more greenlife into our playgrounds and give kids the green that they need. Full article.
Landscapes are switching to native turf

Some successful installations of Nara Native Turf have proven it to be a great performer. Full article
Honda Lawn Lovers are on Facebook

Honda Lawn Lovers are now on Facebook. Join to receive special offers and receive lawn care tips.

Comparing Westringias - What's the difference?

What is the difference between all these varieties of Westringias? We have made a simple chart to easily see the differences. Full article.
New plants and the Ozbreed gardens

Another summer has come to Australia and with it, some new additions to our trial gardens; some from our own breeding programs and others from various internationally-known breeders. Full article
Ozbreed Update

This is to update you on new information for some of our existing plants and new plants. In Landscape Architecture Australia and Landscape Contractor & Manager magazines you will be seeing from time to time the Ozbreed Update. Full update
Garden Showcase

Let us know about your latest project, design or your own garden and we will showcase it in our landscape newsletter. This is the perfect spot to get inspiration or at least see some nice photos. Full article
Plant Profile: PinnacleTM Syzygium australe 'AATS' PBR

Pinnacle is a thin growing Lilly Pilly that is a great topiary plant, screen, hedge or feature plant. See the photos of it looking like a Christmas tree! Full article.
Plant Profile: Landscape Azaleas - the Encore Azaleas

Autumn Royalty is a tougher landscape Azalea, both of these varieties are the only Lace bug resistant ones available in Australia. Full article
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