Issue #9 February 2015
New Plants, New Look, New Playground Research.
Happy New Year from Ozbreed! It has been a while since the last edition of Landscape News, but we have lots to share with you in this issue.

Amy Gilson.
Playgrounds Set To Increase Green Space

With 202020 vision enhancing the awareness and the importance of increasing green space, and new research and technology now allowing green life in fall zones, playgrounds are about to become a greener solution.

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Playground Mulch Trial  

new research has shown that strappy plants can now be used successfully and safely in playground mulch. This trial has the potential to greatly increase the amount of plants used in the landscape in Australia.

Note - Tanika®  Lomandra longfolia 'LM300' PBR was used in the trial, but it is recommended that Shara™  Lomandra fluvialtilis 'ABU7' PBR is used in its place in Queensland.

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Living Soft Fall™ - Greenlife for Play

A new product called Living Soft Fall™ will help solve the problem of growing turf in fall zones of playgrounds. It is a growing medium that has been tested and certified to meet playground surfacing requirements of AS/NZS4422:1996 Amdt 1.

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Getting Street Tree Selection Right 

Selecting the right tree variety is important as it has to address many criteria (non invasive root system, uniformity, minimal slip hazard etc.) and ultimately must live in harmony with the street and its users with minimum maintenance. Here are some tips and selected varieties for street trees.

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* Pictured - Sweeper® Waterhousea floribunda 'DOW20' PBR
Mixed Group Plantings:
A Dangerous Trend or Great Design?
Queensland Focus!

There has been a trend recently to use more plants in smaller group plantings rather than in large mass scale plantings, this concept is only as good as the weakest plant, however if the right plants are used this can work well. Here are some tips to get this type of planting right.

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Feature Plants

Dense Fence
Viburnum odoratissimum 'VOC1' PBR

The Dense Fence™ plant is a Sweet Viburnum, as it is commonly known, and is highly suited for a privacy screen. Finer leaves, higher density, shorter inter-nodes and reddish new growth is what sets Dense Fence™  Viburnum apart from the common form.

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Evergreen Baby
Lomandra labill. 'LM600' PBR Intended

Fine leaf Lomandra are very popular, now there is a compact variety that handles drought and wet feet, therefore performs well in South QLD conditions. Evergreen Baby™ Lomandra gets lots of golden flowers in spring and is sterile.

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Flat Mat
Trachelospermum asiaticum
'FT01' PBR

Flat Mat™ Trachelospermum is lower growing, and forms a ground cover more quickly compared to the common form. It makes a flatter climber when supported on trellises etc. It requires less pruning to form a flatter ground cover.

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