Issue #16 November 2018

Spring is certainly a busy season at Ozbreed! Our recent collaborations included a multifaceted project with Canterbury Bankstown Council, TAFE NSW and Botanica Nurseries to upgrade Bankstown City Gardens. Horticulture and Landscape Construction students were given the opportinuty for some hands-on experience, working with council to revamp the existing garden space using three Ozbreed favourites: 

Isabella®  Liriope muscari ‘LIRF’ PBR
Lucky Stripe™  Lomandra hystrix ‘LMV200’ PBR
Shara™  Lomandra fluviatilis ‘ABU7’ PBR

These plants were chosen for their hardiness, affordability, and distinct colour tones creating contrast, layers and density. Completed in September, this project was a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the education and experience of Australia's future landscapers and horticulturists. Special thanks to head teacher Tony Momi for his leadership.  

If you're interested in speaking with us about a project or would like to know more about this one, contact Emil Montibeler.

Know your...
Lomandras, Callistemon, Dianellas, Westringias, Liriopes and Lilly Pillies
A quick guide on the characteristics of our most popular landscaping plants, the 'Know your...' brochure includes comparative height charts with gorgeous graphics to help you choose the right plants for your next project.
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 Phytophthora resistant Lomandras

Phytophthora is a soil borne water mould which spreads naturally in water or roots. It's a major cause of die back in native vegetation, especially in areas with high rainfall.
Ozbreed have developed five highly Phytophthora resistant Lomandras, the ideal choice for planting in gardens and public spaces where drainage may be poor: 

Tropic Cascade™/
Southern Cascade™

Lomandra hystrix ‘LHWP’ PBR


Katie Belles™ 
Lomandra hystrix ‘LHBYF’ PBR

Lucky Stripe™ 
Lomandra hystrix ‘LMV200’ PBR

Evergreen Baby™ 
Lomandra labill. ‘LM600’ PBR

Lomandra fluvialtilis ‘ABU7’ PBR

Read more about Phytophthora in Australia and resistant Lomandras (1MB)

 Roadside plant placement

This evidence-based two page guide walks you through the right plants to use in different roadside conditions. From slopes to depressed or raised garden beds, fine mulch to chunky, we have the right Lomandra or Dianella to suit your individual needs.

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What's new:
Our Mighty Aloes

Aloes, with their long, tapering, spikey leaves and spectacular flowers, are some of the toughest survivors in the plant kingdom. Our new mighty aloes are a combination of brawn and beauty:

Mighty Coral™ Aloe hybrid ‘AL04’ PBR (pictured, top) is semi-compact with multi-stemmed orange and cream flower heads in early to mid winter, that look like coral pink from a distance.

Mighty Gold™ Aloe hybrid ‘AL02’ PBR (second from top) is compact and tough. Drought and frost tolerant, it displays beautiful gold flowers in the cooler months and has interestingly spotted foliage.

Mighty Orange™ Aloe hybrid ‘AL01’ PBR (second from bottom) is a medium sized succulent with bright orange flowers in winter. It's a tough plant with frost and drought tolerance.

Mighty Sunset™ Aloe hybrid ‘AL03’ PBR (pictured, bottom) is a small to medium sized Aloe. It has multi-stemmed sunset orange and cream flower heads in winter.

Little Jess  
Dianella caerulea

The Little Jess™ plant is a dwarf, compact, clumping Dianella with purple flowers in spring. A very low maintence plant with drought and humidity tolerance, Little Jess™ is our best selling Dianella. 
Cosmic White Rhaphiolepis indica 

Cosmic White™ Rhaphiolepis is a beautiful, large evergreen shrub with masses of white flowers in spring. The Cosmic White™ plant is a hardy shrub with very good disease resistance.
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