Issue #14 December 2016
2016 Draws to a Close

With 2016 drawing to a close all of us here at Ozbreed would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

2017 is going to be another big year for us here, in particular, we have some new plant varieties due to be released and are excited about sharing these with you.

Amy Gilson.

Nara Native Turf A Home Grown Success
Ozbreed’s zoysia type, Nara Native Turf has been reaching great heights in the American market. Ironically though, in its native Australian home it has been a bit of a trade secret.

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All New Screening and Hedging Site Now Available

Recently we have launched an all new Screening and Hedging website. The site was designed to assist you in choosing the best hedging and screening plants possible, along with helpful pruning, fertilising and restorations tips, plus much more.

Click Here to check all the all new Screening and Hedging site
Phytophthora in Australia and Resistant Lomandras

Phytophthora is a root rot disease that can cause major die back on landscape sites. There are options available to treat Phytophthora, but the best option is prevention by choosing plants that are resistant to the disease.

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Our Top 10 Fire Retardant Plants for VIC

With Summer upon us here we have listed our Top 10 Fire Retardant plants for VIC.

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Amazing ground covers that are ideal for road sides and mass landscape planting
Aussie Rambler™ Carpobrotus glaucescens 'CAR10' PBR
This is a beautiful and tough ground cover plant that is low maintenance and has extra large showy pink flowers. It blocks out weeds, handles heavy soils, and tolerates periodic wet feet.
Double Gold™ Gazania hybrid 'GT20' PBR
A low growing, spreading ground cover that produces masses of beautiful yellow flowers that appear for most of the year. It blocks out weeds and best of all it is sterile, making it a safer exotic plant.
Yareena™ Myoporum parvifolium 'PARV01' PBR
This is a longer lived Myoporum with crisp clean foliage and masses of white flowers. It is an excellent ground cover, and has been successful in a wide variety of soils, and it is great in coastal positions.
Royal Rambler™ Grevillea 'RR01' PBR
A new low growing ground cover that is a cross between 'Poorinda Royal Mantle' and 'Bronze Rambler'. It is fast growing like 'Bronze Rambler' but has the smaller height of 'Poorinda Royal Mantle'. It is low maintenance, and is the ideal choice for large scale gardens.
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