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October 2009
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Welcome to the first WA Landscape news!
Welcome to Western Australia Landscape News, sponsored by Ozbreed pty ltd.
Congratulations to Hugh Burnett who won the Vintage Red Tree from the Australian Landscape Conference in Melbourne.
Read through and enjoy!


Katrina Layt

Are robot mowers going to take over? What about the mowing contractor? Some possible solutions and what these robots can actually do. Full Article
Turf vs Fake

Learn why fake turf is good in some situations, but not a replacement for real lawns. This article weighs the pros and cons of fake turf and why you should be using real turf for a healthier environment. Full Article
Plants in rock and concrete

"Rock can make a landscape, or it can break it. Sure almost always it can be the star attraction, adding style and interest in abundance. It can however have a negative impact on the plants around it. So when planting near rock, and hard surfaces, the correct preparation and maintenance, and appropriate plant selection is vital." Full Article
Beyond the fairway

Golf courses are highly maintained and need a lot of work. Find out how ancient labor practices we use today can be minimised with still having that perfect fairway for golf with turf and plants that can make it easier. Full Article
Retaining wall blocks

We have come a long way since the plain and ugly concrete block. See the new innovations in retaining wall blocks that integrate functionality with beauty. Full Article
Chunky Mulch

Why chunky mulch is the best for gardens, plants, and the reduction of weeds. You wouldn't want to be using mulch that can reduce the amount of water getting to your plants. Full Article

The newest DEM (Digital Elevation Model) developed by the CSIRO could be a useful  tool for seeing Australia's landscape. Full article.
Plant profile: Cassa Blue

Beautiful blue coloured foliage all year round, clumping dianella. It is a tough drought and frost tolerant plant. Perfect size for mass planting or any home garden. Full article.

Plant profile: Tanika

Tanika is a tough drought tolerant plant. It has proven itself many times to be a great roadside plant that will survive and thrive in drought compared to most other plants. Full article.

Plant profile: Savanna Blue

Savanna Blue is a tough small sized plant with striking blue grey foiliage all year round. This plant is great for borders and pots, creating great contrast. Full article.
Plant profile: Mundi

A tough Westringia ground cover only growing to knee height! Great for mass planting. Full article
Plant profile: Pinnacle

Pinnacle is a great plant for hedging and screening in a tight space and it's a native alternative. It only grows to 1.5m wide!
Full article.

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Turf vs Fake

Plant Profiles:
  Featured Article - Sprinkler Ban

The WA sprinkler ban trial that went on earlier this year could be a permanent thing next year. The ban saved over 50 million litres of water a day! Full Article
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