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Mar 21 2017 Email (Mar 2017)
THE POWER OF ASSET DIVERSIFICATION During 2016 some of our clients grew their wealth by up to 22%. In an environment where the JSE did not perform all that well, and where some insurance portfolios had a return of 1.1%, our strategy has proved itself again. How do we do this? We use active managers like 2IP to manage our unit trust portfolios, and we diversify our clients' portfolios. Every client knows that we expect their investment portfolio to include an emergency fund, investment re

Apr 25 2017 (Apr 2017)
INVESTMENT ADVICE: THE NORTHWOOD DIFFERENCE When starting your financial planning journey, there are many options to consider. By far, the biggest dilemma many clients face, is conflicting advice. The area that often causes the most confusion is retirement planning. There have been several legislative changes around retirement funding in the last few years. Therefore, the amount of outdated information floating around comes as no surprise. We recently received a query from one of our clients re

May 24 2017 (May 2017)
KEEPING YOUR FINANCIAL PLANNER IN THE LOOP Do you talk to your Financial Planner before making a financial decision? At Northwood, we encourage our clients to contact us before making any financial decisions. A client of ours applied to her bank for vehicle financing. She also gave the salesman assisting her permission to apply on her behalf. The two financing offers she received quoted the same interest rates and to her the deals looked the same. However, after reading through each offer, we

June 28 2017 (Jun 2017)
PLANNING FOR A COMFORTABLE RETIREMENT When planning for retirement a general guideline is to aim for an income of between 75% to 80% of your salary. This should ensure that you are relatively comfortable. However, it is worth noting that the pension you receive at retirement must account for inflation. Your retirement savings will need to keep up with the ever-increasing cost of living. One of the most frequently asked questions at Northwood is “ How much will I need one day?” To ensure that

July 31 2017 Copy (Aug 2017)
WHEN MARKETING THEORIES CHANGE The 4P approach is the most popular Marketing Model that businesses have been following for at least 60 years. These are namely: Place, Product, Price and Promotion. Today, businesses are forced to move away from the 4P approach. Research shows that marketing trends have changed profoundly. The shift is a necessary one if you are an entrepreneur and want to keep up with your clients’ needs and wants. Place – This no longer only refers to a physical place where

August 31 2017 (Sep 2017)
MEET THE NORTHWOOD TEAM Northwood Financial Services CC was founded in 1990 by Nico Kleynhans. Nico started working in the financial services industry in 1987. After forming Northwood, he completed a Diploma in Financial Management and then went on to obtain a Post-graduate Diploma in Financial Planning. He now holds the title of Certified Financial Planner - CFP®. Nico’s clients rely on his years of experience, as well as his unique take on financial planning. The Office Team: Kristen is Nor

October 2017 (Nov 2017)
ARE FINANCIAL PLANS OPTIONAL? Recently, someone asked me why I thought they needed a Financial Plan This particular person has short-term debt equal to two years’ salary and long-term debt equal to seven years' salary. Their total debt accrued interest equal to 70 percent of their monthly income. I suppose my answer, which was “ You aren’t particularly good at working with money,” wasn’t obvious to them. A financial plan will force you to confront a few realities. What are your long and sho

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