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Reuniting the brothers of ADG Epsilon Chapter Loyola University New Orleans
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On one fine three day weekend in April, Miami attorney Charlie Arazoza and his family opened their home and their hearts to host the first Alpha Delta Gamma Epsilon Chapter reunion.

Around 20 fraternity brothers, most who had not seen one another in some 30 years, came in from all over the country.
Enjoy this photographic celebration of the Miami reunion and catch up on the exciting news from every brother, and even some who could not attend but gave their updates. ADG unity and spirit grew ever stronger, and there is talk about a new reunion now every 3-5 years! This annual online newsletter will keep tabs on us all as we chronicle the news and events from the brothers of ADG Epsilon! You'll never forget where to find this newsletter. Just go to accompanying blog site at

From this point in the newsletter click any photo to make it larger. Also be sure to read the updates from each Delt who contributed to this newsletter, hearing his unique memory of the event, what he has done since leaving Loyola, and what he is doing today.
The magical weekend started on a Friday morning when Charlie (at left being literally roasted with the pig) took a group of 7 or 8 brothers on a all day boating cruise around Key Largo. Colo Iowa Sailor Joe Kash got everyone soaking wet with his mad paddling, but the boat glided like never before through the water!

Friday night included massive coolers of beer, wine, hard liquor (we've not changed) and Popeyes Fried Chicken ("it just had to be Popeyes," said Charlie), but without kaka to wash it down we survived. Charlie shared his unique philosophy on college ("I was paying them, but I knew I would wear shoes when they started paying me!"), we told frat house horror stories, and tried in vain to maintain decency.

You never know what these reunions are going
to be like, but this exceeded my hopes. It was
like you expect heaven to be - full of the people
you love and no sense of any time passing.
We won't wait so long next time. - Pat Agnew

Saturday included a pig roast that launched the swine flu followed by the arrival of even more Delts, a memorable call to Father Pillar (passing the phone around for an hour), and an evening of old frat songs, tasteless humor, and appropriate insults.

Sunday we cleaned up for a wonderful outdoor Mass said by a Jesuit priest and an absolutely delicious brunch orchestrated by Charlies Angels. We all left scratching our heads, wondering how the shadowy cellar dweller of the ADG house, who refused conformity for four years, wound up surrounded by such lovely ladies in such an idyllic setting. Miracles happen! It was a wonderful weekend and much better than anyone expected.  

Please click some of the best photos from the weekend with even more below

Thank you Charlie and family for a most memorable reunion and thanks to all of you for being there. Let's not wait another 30 years!

ADG National Prayer

O, Eternal Father, in whose love all men are brothers, bless our Fraternity. Establish in our hearts the virtues of sacred honor, faith inspired courage, loyal fidelity to the ideals of brotherly helpfulness within this fraternity, and organized helpfulness to the world of men around us.

Strengthen our devotion to these sacred ideals through mutual encouragement and good example. Help us to learn the fundamental truth of our Holy Faith that "a brother who is helped by a brother is like a city walled."

In a world which is torn apart by fraternal strife, make us a holy and powerful influence for peace and union of hearts, so that we may become, in the eyes of men about us, a living embodiment of the truth that Christ came to teach: "That they all may be one, as Thou Father, in Me and I in Thee, that they all may be one in Us."

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