We stock over 100 different inner tubes!

Most shops just carry a few & sell you whatever is "close enough". At ABR we unbox our incoming tubes and measure the flat section of every batch to reclassify them. Many tubes come undersized from the factory which causes undue stretching & stress on the valve stem. The proper sized tube helps to reduce flats and prevent the valve core from splitting away at it's base. We can even drill out many rims with the "skinny valve" (Presta) and convert them to "normal valves" (Schrader) which makes it less likely to damage the valve stem when pumping and also lets you have the choice of adding SLIME tube sealant. We stock many specialty sizes & stem lengths as well as being able to patch & fix most damaged tubes!


 This Saturday, May 2nd:
2015 Pedaler’s Fair 

Watch bike videos at ABR!
Come by anytime & we will stream the coolest and the scariest bike racing videos to our flat screen! We have a deep knowledge of the most palm sweating races & riding to be seen. Bring your bike or just come on by to visit!


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