Summer Vacation!
We will be CLOSED from
August 16th to 20th

We are now, once again, a Raleigh dealer!  When the shop opened in 1997 we sold Raleigh bikes.  With the coming of age of online sales, what we call the "Amazon Economy"  our parts and accessory and bikes sales started to wane, so we focused on service and repair.  Since online sales now include bicycles nearly every major bike brand is doing it.  Raleigh's solution is called "Click to Brick".  You can buy any of their bikes and then choose your favorite bike shop to assemble it.  We will add value to the service by doing our legendary assembly job. 

The entire line of Raleigh bicycles is available except electric bikes. We service e-bikes but are not enthusiastic about them because we feel the quality is not yet there.  Our passion is human powered bicycles and the like.  Electric assist makes the easy act of riding a bike seem harder than it really is.  We tested the Velogical Velospeeder system from Germany.  It is the world's lightest e-assist add-on motor at only 3 pounds, battery and all, but it is not quite ready for market.  We may re-visit it in the future once the kinks are worked out and the price drops.  $1500 just seemed too much for what you got.  If you are seriously interested in an electric bike, we recommend Electric Lady on Capitol Hill or Electric Bikes NW in Ballard.  Both shops are friends of ours.

Aaron has once again, been retained by Sturmey-Archer to make instructional videos on how to assemble their internally geared hubs. He will fly to Taiwan to work at the factory in early November.

Also on his schedule will be reviewing a new designed hub for Bike Share Programs like Seattle's Pronto. This new hub will be larger and much more durable and incorporate sealed cartridge bearings. New York City's CitiBike bikes, for example see 20,000 miles of use each year for EACH bike! They also sit outside in all weather and NYC salts their roads. Regular bike parts just do not hold up!

Pictured is Aaron and the "Film Crew" in the studio during filming of the assmbly videos for the 3 Speed hub used by CitiBike.

Seattle Summer Parkways Rolls into
West Seattle on September 25!

Sunday, September 25, 2016
in West Seattle
Mark your calendars for this event!
We only wish it were in Seattle....

9988 15th Ave SW Suite E Seattle, WA 98146
Corner of 14th Avenue SW & SW 100th Street
(206) 938-9795
Across from Big Al Brewing, 2 Blocks South of Zippy's Giant Burgers
In White Center Square next to Hung Long Asian Market

Stop by for a free pack of matches
$20 off Tune-Up Coupons inside!
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