Move-In Special!
Visit our new location before the end of this month &
save 20% on a Tune-Up or 
Mention this offer when you bring in your bike.

9614 16th Ave SW   Seattle, WA   98106

Curious about the other languages on our sign?
Besides English, these are the most commonly spoken languages in White Center.

Spanish = Bicicletas

Chinese = 自行車
Vietnamese = Xe đạp
Somali = Baaskiilada
Samoan = Uila Vilivae
French = Velo
Filipino = Bisikletas
Khmer (Cambodian) = កង់

Our shop has a new look.  The colors are cream, warm natural wood with black and aluminum trim. It is quite a stunning look. All of our building materials were re-purposed from our old location or sourced from recycling outlets.  The back room wall and bathroom are painted Bianchi Celeste.  One of the most famous bicycle colors.  The back door is painted red becasue it was classic for Bianchi to use red cable housing and handlebar tape.

The floor is original to the building and we replaced tiles thanks to Proletariat Pizza, so you may recognize the colors!  The entry carpet is green and harkens back to our old locations.  The solid wood ceiling is made of sistered 2x12s and is an old way to make a fire proof ceiling.  

Some of the exciting features of our new shop are:

The World's largest display case bar, made of of reclaimed white oak with a glass top and black velvet bottom.  It will display bicycle components  for your viewing pleasure.  Feel free to BYOB and belly up!

A giant mural topographical map of the state of Washington.  9 feet tall!  Come gaze and plan your rides!  It is made from two  DeLorme Gazetters.

Wild West saloon doors to the back room for fun.

Lots of pretty bikes on display and for sale.


9614 16th Ave SW
Seattle, WA   98106

(206) 938-9795