12th Man Special! Hawks Hitch Cover!

$25 or FREE!
(if you Schedule an Overhaul)
While supplies last!

Fits a 2" square receiver hitch.


Winter Maintenance Tips
Cleaning your bike after a dirty ride:

Lesson #1 - Never spray your bike with high pressure water from a hose!
This will force water past the seals & into your bearings. Use the mist setting to rinse.

Lesson #2 - A bucket of soapy water is your friend!
A sponge bath, rinse &  towel drying is what your bike needs from you.

Extra Credit - Wash & dry your tires & inspect for cuts & any road debris that you may have picked up since your last ride. Pry out any foreign objects with an awl or tiny screwdriver before they work their way into your innertube! WEAR EYE PROTECTION!


Shop News

Aaron has just been hired to help design the next generation of Bike Share city bikes.
This includes the Pronto Cycle Share bikes of the future!
The company has also hired Ben Serotta.
We have years of experience with low maintenance
options for daily riding.

From internal gears to internal brakes to dynamo lights we have solutions for bicycle share bikes & your personal bikes too!

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