Aaron's Bicycle Repair, Inc.
(aka Rat City Bikes)

20th Anniversary Party
Friday, April 7th, 2017 

Come celebrate 20 years as an independent bike shop.
We look forward to fixing your bikes for the next 20!
Aaron opened the shop on April, 7th 1997

in West Seattle's Morgan Junction.
Shop History
Five locations later and thousands of bikes fixed, we want to thank you!
More details to come on our next e-newsletter,
but plan on showing up on April 7th after 5 pm (until late).


Another Stolen Bike Recovered!

We recovered our 3rd ORANGE road bike in less than a year! A fellow brought it in saying he just paid $30 for it from some guys on the street.  We said, "Well, that sounds stolen! Let's see if we can find the owner and you should call the police and report the people you bought it from." With the help of Recycled Cycles (frame sticker), wefound the owner in a few minutes! He is eternally grateful!  
We urge you to register your bike at
It's free & effective!

We can also photograph your bicycle and record the serial number on our server for only $5 during service.
We have recovered bikes from that data several times too.


Be sure to lock your bike every time you park. Many stolen bikes were left unlocked "just for a minute".
Lock your bike next to other bikes if possible. Store your bike indoors. It is also more secure & better for your bike.
Make sure to lock your bike when it's in your garage, even if it's just to the lawnmower. Anything you can do to make it unable to be rolled away or carried off.

We can find you the best lock to match your needs.
Coming in October...


9614 16th Ave SW
Seattle, WA   98106

(206) 938-9795