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A response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

What Not to Wear in Healthcare 

With the prolific advancements in social media and technology, our world seems to get smaller and smaller every day. No other event in history can illustrate that point more than the global COVID-19 pandemic. As healthcare professionals we have witnessed first-hand the devastating losses caused by this pandemic but there have also been positive aspects born out of necessity that bear mentioning.

We are open!


Dingane has traveled all the way from Georgia to take one of our Focused FAST Scan Ultrasound courses!


We have been making sure to provide extensive health screenings for our instructors, participants, and live models to ensure everyone’s safety.


We’re excited to get back to teaching our courses!

#HoustonStrong -
We are back open for buisness!
What Not to Wear in HealthcareJust 3 years ago I was sitting at this computer writing a blog 12 days after the Hurricane Harvey disaster. Now we are in a new disaster of the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are still happy to report that everyone in our AHEC family is safe as far as we know. Every day is a new experience and we, as much as everyone else, face new challenges every day.  While we are physically ok, we are still coping with the psychological changes of how to operate within the new realities. 
Education for those who expect more!

Private Ultrasound Tutorial = Convience!


Since the first ED ultrasound class in 1993, AHEC has been teaching what physicians want to learn to benefit their patients and their practice. 


If you can’t make a scheduled class or want to customize your training then a Private Ultrasound Tutorial is right up your alley!  We can design courses according to your practice requirements and/or skill level.


Click here to see what upcoming dates are available for Fall 2020. 

Need a new tool for DIVAs?
If so, we got hands-on training available!


AHEC nurse vistors for UGVA class and train in Difficult Intra Venous
 studies.  In January and February, AHEC hosted two nurses in our Ultrasound Guided Vascular Access classes.  Their experience ranged from an ICU RN to CRNA who works in a surgery center. Participants attended our training to get hands-on scanning with phantoms where the ultrasound faculty taught them the essential skills and techniques to perform exams that make a difference in patient outcomes by demonstrating deep vein thrombosis or need for an intervention that can be done under ultrasound guidance. Our UGVA class offers not only the skills training but CME for physicians and CE for nurses. 

Industry News

Ultrasound Tip of the Month

Benefits of FAST Examination
  • Decrease time to diagnosis in blunt abdominal trauma
  • Help diagnose and assess the degree of hemoperitoneum
  • Noninvasive
  • Does not require nephrotoxic contrast
  • Does not expose the patient to radiation
  • Can be performed at the bedside
  • Can be easily integrated into the primary and secondary trauma survey
  • Can be repeated serially
  • Safe in pregnant patients and children
  • Can reduce the need for CT scans and diagnostic peritoneal lavages 
  • High specificity for the detection of free fluid


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