Am I Going to Get the Coronavirus?

What Not to Wear in Healthcare 

This is a very important question for all of us today. Personally, I have a family member who has respiratory disease which makes it imperative that I not get exposed and bring it home.  The disease is only 200 miles away now with citizens in quarantine. What to do and who do I believe?

Radiology Community Shares Coronavirus Clinical Practices

What Not to Wear in Healthcare 

We have compiled question and answers regarding coronavirus clinical practices from radiology community leaders and medical imaging forums.  Here’s what people are asking and the responses from our fellow imaging professionals.

The Plague Lurking on Your Lead Aprons

What Not to Wear in Healthcare 


We can thank the Coronavirus for making us rethink our hygiene and environment a little more than usual.  Have you given thought to how many germs are living in your department’s protective aprons and devices?  As a QM technologist for many years, I can tell you that if I didn’t clean the aprons, no one did.  Who is cleaning aprons and how often?  We decided to do a study of our customer base of technologists across the nation to see just who, what, when and how these devices get cleaned.


The Idiot's Guide to Coronavirus From an Emergency Physician

What Not to Wear in Healthcare 


1. Take it easy. The worst part of all this is the fear. More people die from the flu, car accidents, or guns. As of Saturday, March 7th, 19 Americans had died from COVID-19, compared to 1,177 every week from the flu, 746 from car crashes, and 294 from gunshots.

2. Wash your hands like your life depends on it. Because it does. Not only for Corona, but for the many germs you’ll acquire from touching elevator buttons, doorknobs, or somebody else’s hand. Or the dirtiest thing on earth: money: Everybody handles it, and nobody washes it. Except for the mob. And me, when I forget it in my pockets.


Education for those who expect more!

Renal Transplant Surgeon from Saudi Arabia visit AHEC for Vascular Ultrasound Training Course



To hear more about Ahmed’s AHEC experience click here.Say Hello to Ahmed! As the top renal transplant surgeon in Saudi Arabia, continued education is very important to him!  He took our Vascular Ultrasound class with Shawn Shanmuganathan BS, RDMS, RVT and said it was very informative. He will be going back home ready to show off everything he learned while in Houston. Find out more about him at

Private Ultrasound Tutorial = Convience!


Since the first ED ultrasound class in 1993, AHEC has been teaching what physicians want to learn to benefit their patients and their practice.


If you can’t make a scheduled class or want to customize your training then a Private Ultrasound Tutorial is right up your alley!  We can design courses according to your practice requirements and/or skill level.


Click here to see what upcoming dates are available for 2020. 

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