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Are You Fluent in Swearing?
Are You Fluent in Swearing? 


Do you think swearing isn’t big or clever? Think again.

A study done by psychologists at Marist College has concluded that the use of swear words is a sign of a better vocabulary.  Being a person that was taught how to swear when I first went to clinical assignments, I am highly interested in this subject.  If someone has accused you of sounding less intelligent because you swear too much, don’t worry. This study proves them wrong (See Mom?)...


Robocalls in Healthcare
Robocalls in Healthcare 


What happens when you receive over 4,000 automated calls in less than 2 hours?

April 30, 2018,9:30am-11:30am, it happened at Tufts Medical Center in Boston, MA.

Recently, automated phone calls have been increasing in volume for not only the everyday person, but for businesses and they are not showing any signs of slowing down. Who would have ever thought robots would be causing havoc in healthcare, let alone in this way?

Now potential suitors for medical attention and phone line representatives are fighting a new threat we never saw coming. In an industry where every second counts...


Education for those who expect more!

Private Ultrasound Tutorial = Convience!


Since the first ED ultrasound class in 1993, AHEC has been teaching what physicians want to learn to benefit their patients and their practice.

If you can’t make a scheduled class or want to customize your training then a Private Ultrasound Tutorial is right up your alley!  We can design courses according to your practice requirements and/or skill level.

To see what upcoming dates are available for 2019. Click here:

Need a new tool for your DIVAs?
If so, we got hands-on training available!



UGVA class trains in

Difficult Intra Venous Access studies. Participants attend our training to get hands-on scanning with phantoms where the ultrasound faculty teach essential skills and techniques to perform exams that make a difference in patient outcomes by demonstrating deep vein thrombosis or need for an intervention that can be done under ultrasound guidance. Our UGVA class offers not only the skills training but CME for physicians and CE for nurses.

Industry News

Ultrasound Tip of the Month

The standard views in the FAST examination (Figure below) include the sub-xiphoid 4 chamber heart  view, a right upper quadrant abdominal view to visualize the interface between the liver and the right kidney (Morison’s pouch), a left upper quadrant abdominal view to visualize the potential space between the spleen and the left kidney (splenorenal interface), and finally a pelvic view  transverse pelvic view in men and a sagittal view in women to evaluate for free fluid in the pelvis.

Ultrasound Tip of the Month
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Need a New Tool for Your DIVAs?
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