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"Lunar Lunatics" and Other Superstitions in Healthcare

What Not to Wear


A superstition is a belief or practice resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown, trust in magic or chance, or a false conception of causation. Superstitions are persistent, even when confronted with evidence they are not true. In medical settings, superstitions can be inherited from those that are more experienced or acquired from experience. People who work in healthcare are humans of science. We believe in facts, logic, and evidence. So why are so many of us superstitious?

Recent study Identifies Most Successful Radiologists

What Not to Wear


Breast subspecialty radiologists make up less than 10% of all radiologists, and most mammograms in the US are interpreted by general Radiologists. The demand for all radiologists to interpret screening mammograms is projected to increase as the U.S. population ages and more women comply with screening guidelines.

TMB Requirement for Human Trafficking Prevention CE: AHEC Course Approved and Available!

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In February 2021, AHEC published a blog about the new Human Trafficking Prevention CE requirement effective 09/1/2020. Following the dissemination of this information, AHEC received numerous calls from Rad Techs inquiring about this new CE requirement.  Based on the volume of calls AHEC received over the last several months, it was apparent that TMB’s communications with Texas RTs wasn’t effective enough in reaching or explaining the new requirement.  

Customer Service with a Smile…Patients Complaints Getting You Down?

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Last night I was at dinner with a friend and as we were chatting, we were acutely aware of two females at the table next to us. At some point it was noticeable to everyone in our vicinity the ladies were not happy. Both were signaling the waitstaff, complaining about things, and just being difficult. I honestly expected them to start snapping their fingers at the waitress for attention.  We had the same waitress and it was obvious she was new, so allowing some grace would have been the kind thing to do.  It wasn’t long before Karen Squared asked to speak to a manager to complain, excessively!

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Private Ultrasound Tutorial = Convenience!


Recently, we have seen an increased demand for onsite ultrasound training in various modalities. From Emergency Room OB/GYN training in Tucson to Transcranial Doppler and Carotid ultrasound for Neurologists in Texas, we have you covered! In addition to our onsite programs, we also offer hands on private tutorials at our 12000 square foot office in South West Houston. We are confident our expert faculty can design curriculum to meet the goals and expectations for you and perform the training in your practice, or at our facility in Texas!  Call or email Kelli Reddix at 713-772-0157  or Click here to see what upcoming dates are available for Summer 2021.   


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