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The Mass Migration Out of Healthcare

What Not to Wear


In 2017, I wrote a blog about Burnout Syndrome. Wow! What we didn’t know back then seems to be eons ago.  Now, we are in another pandemic surge, this one worse than the first. And, there is no end in sight with Winter just around the corner.  
Healthcare workers are angry, disappointed, and leaving in big numbers. Who will be here to turn off the lights? 

Radiology Staffing Shortages Nation Wide?

What Not to Wear


Hearing about healthcare workers who are tired and stressed isn’t surprising these days. Staffing shortages are being reported in many different ways on the internet and social media. The community boards are advertising, as well as specialty websites and Facebook and LinkedIn.  Many rad techs are posting they are considering traveling and the burnout remarks are everyday fodder. In exploring the myths and certainties of our profession, AHEC has surveyed many of our clients to gain information about how this is affecting our community.  Where are the shortages?

You've Received Your ARRT CQR RX... Now What?

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There is much confusion about the prescribed continuing education credits and correct categories to satisfy the CQR requirements for each individual’s prescription RX. And the algorithms from ARRT changed again in June, 2021.  How is someone supposed to figure it out? And how hard is it to find the correct activities?. 

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Private Ultrasound Tutorial = Convenience!


Recently, we have seen an increased demand for onsite ultrasound training in various modalities. From Emergency Room OB/GYN training in Tucson to Transcranial Doppler and Carotid ultrasound for Neurologists in Texas, we have you covered! In addition to our onsite programs, we also offer hands on private tutorials at our 12000 square foot office in South West Houston. We are confident our expert faculty can design curriculum to meet the goals and expectations for you and perform the training in your practice, or at our facility in Texas!  Call or email Kelli Reddix at 713-772-0157  or Click here to see what upcoming dates are available for Fall 2021.   


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