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Post COVID Vaccine Findings on Mammograms

It’s being reported from mammographers all over the country that women are showing positive nodes on mammograms after they had the Covid-19 vaccine. Both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are causing lymph nodes to activate and increase in size. The swelling is benign and seems to resolve with time.

It started in January as biopsy numbers began to climb and the Society of Breast Imaging (SBI) put out an advisory about unnecessary biopsies.  They recommended asking the patients about Covid-19 status and record the date and which arm received the vaccine.

Court Grants Temporary Injunction to AHEC Against MRMI and Former Employee


Following a hearing on Tuesday, February 9, 2021, the 134th District Court of Harris County granted a Temporary Injunction for Advanced Health Education Center against MTMI and a former AHEC employee, which restrains MTMI and the former AHEC employee, or any person acting in concert with them, from “using or disclosing AHEC’s confidential information and/or trade secrets, as such confidential information and trade secrets are defined by the Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act, and failing to immediately return AHEC’s property including its trade secrets and confidential information that is currently in [their] possession.”

TMB Implements Requirements for Human Trafficking Prevention CE Training for Health Professionals


Yes, it is true. If you heard any rumors, you are among the few. Most health professionals have not heard anything.

The 86th Texas Legislature passed H.B. 2059 on 5/10/19. The vote was 134 yes, 7 no, 2 present, not voting.  It became effective on 9/1/19 and compliance began on 9/1/20.

H.B. 2059 – An act relating to human trafficking prevention training as a condition of registration permit or license renewal for certain health care practitioners.

Who does this new law affect?

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