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All Hands Boatworks exists to build character, opportunities, and hope in Milwaukee's youth through  wooden boatbuilding, work experiences, and on-water activities.
March 2015
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 Are you interested in helping young people
succeed and grow?

 Are you a retired teacher who is, frankly, un-retire-able?

 Are you a craftsperson, carpenter, a novice,
or somewhere in between?

Volunteer Instructors -- AHB is looking for Volunteer Assistants for our programs.. Volunteer Instructors work alongside our Lead Instructors in our educational boatbuilding and after-school builders’ clubs.

Lead Instructors -- AHB is now accepting applications from individuals who are interested in being trained as Lead Instructors for the upcoming summer.  A Lead Instructor receives a stipend per program. Two instructors conduct each program, which typically lasts 30-35 hours.

The instructor/student relationship is a cornerstone of our programs and can be a very gratifying experience. We ask for a regular commitment (certain days or times of day) so that we can integrate you into the program and make you part of some meaningful work.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Graphics Design / Website Management

Special Projects and Events

Please email Bill Nimke for further information

"Building To Learn" Initiative Launched at Messmer

     All Hands Boatworks is proud to be part of an exciting joint initiative to complement college readiness with preparation for apprentice-based trades and related STEM careers.  The two-part pilot program kicked off last month with 18 students from Messmer Prep and St. Rose and St. Leo Catholic Schools (see photos).    Additional public and charter schools will be joining next month. 
      In part II of the pilot, students will participate in a weeklong "Builders Camp," led by AHB instructors and hosted at the SE Wisconsin Carpentry Training Center.  Teams of students will build 3-4 12' wooden boats.  The Building To Learn consortium includes representatives from private, charter, and public schools, building trades professionals, and youth development experts.  This pilot initiative is the foundation of a broader alternative high-school model for trades education that the consortium is currently designing.


Interested in bringing a "Builders Club" to your after-school program? Contact
180 Words or Less . . .

          What does integrity 
               mean to you?

     I think a lot about this word as a youth educator, a nascent boatbuilder, and humbly, as a man who’s been around long enough to admit to more than his share of missteps and falls. It’s a powerful word with layers of meanings. Soundness. Freedom from defect. Wholeness. Total honesty. Even in the simplest wooden boats we build with kids, there is soundness in all the interdependent pieces.
     In his well-crafted book, Wooden Boats, Michael Ruhlman writes, “There was extraordinary integrity to these vessels – meaning, for instance, that the joints didn’t come apart, they were tight and properly made according to the grain of the wood, and the material was the best there was…”
     The boat’s integrity can be an equally powerful metaphor for us as a team of builders and as persons. So much so that we’ve added this word to the traits we practice in all our projects. We call them our SWIFT traits – Safety, Workmanship, Focus, Teamwork, and . . . Integrity. 



What are you waiting for? Building To Learn
Educational Boatbuilding

ALL HANDS BOATWORKS instructs and mentors hundreds of youth in grades 6-12 annually through its traveling boatbuilding program, Building To Learn. Each wooden boat takes approximately 32 hours to construct and paint with teams of 6-10 students at a time. AHB can also work with you to create a schedule so that more youth can participate. AHB provides all the tools, materials, instructional supplements, and consumable supplies at your site. Create a beautiful work of craft art, display it to show learning in action, and then let us take you rowing!!

What it teaches

Practical math operations, including measurement, fractions, ratios, and geometry


Safe use of hand tools

Confidence and self-discipline

Teamwork and problem-solving

Pride of accomplishment

Please contact us to discuss how you can bring this engaging, challenging, and very rewarding educational project to your school or organization.                              


Become an AHB Instructor

"All Hands"
Spring Meeting - 3/23 

B2L launched at Messmer

Now hiring for summer Boatbuilding Camp

180 Words or Less --



Please join our efforts to build the character, education and job opportunities, and hopefulness in Milwaukee's youth.

July 27-August 1

AHB is seeking qualified instructors for its first Boatbuilding Builders Camp, which will take place at the Southeast Wisconsin Carpentry Training Center, July 27-August 1, 2015.   Application deadline is April 30.  Please contact Bill Nimke for details,


Monday, March 23
5:30p - 7:30p
@ Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful Facility
1313 W. Mount Vernon Ave.

Learn about upcoming
boat projects,
youth programming,
on-water regatta, and enjoy good fellowship!



Robert B. Brumder

Ann Brummitt

Norma Balentine

Lynn Rix

Bryan R. Schultz

Thor Stolen



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All Hands Boatworks is a member of the Teaching With Small Boats Alliance.

All Hands Boatworks is a certified Building To Teach trainer.

All Hands Boatworks, Inc. is a tax-exempt charitable organization under sections 501(c)(3) and 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.

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