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Bitcoin (BTC) - $48,086.64 (+2.10%)
Ethereum (ETH) - $3,624.65 (+6.63%)
Cardano (ADA) - $2.46 (+3.46%) 
Solana (SOL) - $159.34 (-1.75%)
Binance Coin (BNB) - $427.31 (+1.27%)
Ripple (XRP) - $1.11 (+2.25%)
*Data as of 10:00 am WAT on 16th, Sept 2021. Via Coinmarketcap
Solana: Started from the bottom, now 7th best crypto.

Singer (and "King of TikTok") Jason Derulo invested in Solana in June (at about $25-$40). By September, he and other investors were celebrating as Solana hit $200, becoming the 7th most valuable cryptocurrency in the world.


Solana’s race to the top: Solana has seen multiple positive developments. Recently, crypto derivatives platform FTX announced that their NFT marketplace will allow traders to buy using Solana and Ethereum (ETH), and Solana sold its first million-dollar NFT. Also, Solana-based stable coin exchange Saber and blockchain developer, Solana Labs, raised over $300 million from high-profile investors.


Solana vs Ethererum: ETH is a pioneer. Its underlying blockchain forms the core of applications like Defi (decentralized finance) and NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Most NFTs are currently on the ETH blockchain, but Solana has been paraded as a worthy alternative.


Solana's design allows it to handle large transaction increases without giving out. Solana also requires significantly less energy, so despite ETH's attempts to stabilize its rates, Solana will always cost the user fewer fees.


Bottom Line: Like with the Apple vs Android debate, it comes down to what you like and trust. While ETH has been around for longer and is a better bet; Solana still needs time to prove its long-term worth. Polychain Capital, one of Solana's major investors believes it is not a competition; Solana should be seen as complementary to Ethereum, not a replacement.

Giving OnlyFans a run for their Bitcoin

OnlyFans announced at the end of August that they’ll ban sexually explicit content. They took it back after a week of backlash, but not before Rapper Tyga announced a crypto-friendly replacement. Talk about opportunity meets preparation and planning.


OnlyFans became famous for giving adult performers greater financial independence by allowing them connect directly with their fans via subscriptions. Adult content was not all OnlyFans was created for, but the platform’s sex-friendliness is its biggest draw.


OnlyFans’ Money Problem: The platform, which has been having trouble raising funding despite huge revenues admitted via Twitter that the changes are “to comply with the requests of our banking partners and payout providers”.


Analysts believe this is a symptom of a larger problem: as traditional finance is part of the decision making, platforms that accommodate unconventional creators, like OnlyFans, are at risk. They believe that this is an opportunity for creators and crypto to create a win-win world.


Spotlight's on Myystar. Soon after OnlyFans’ announcement, rapper, Tyga - one of their biggest name users - announced on his Instagram that he had “just deleted” his account and will be creating his own version, Myystar which will offer greater royalties and more creative freedom.


Is this a first? Not particularly. Cryptocurrency is no stranger to adult entertainment, but this is the first time a platform of this nature has built its business and revenue model on Blockchain. OnlyFans disrupted the adult content industry. If successful, Myystar could finish the race.


In more crypto-creator news, Bitcoin might be coming to Twitter.

MacRumors reports that Twitter could be set to integrate Bitcoin tips into its ‘Tip Jar’, which allows users to tip their favorite creators.


All of this Cryptocurrency potentially in circulation could indicate more adaptation and stability in the foreseeable future. This might be why investors who usually invest in Gold, one of the most stable assets in the world, are taking more chances with bitcoin than ever before.

Is Bitcoin “Digital Gold"?

Bill Miller, a renowned American investor thinks so. Known for managing highly successful portfolios, spotting and predicting what will become a successful entity and by how much, thinks Bitcoin has gold potential. Although it is still somewhat volatile, they believe that the risk outweighs the reward. "There is no other asset that combines Bitcoin’s liquidity with its upside potential," he wrote.


Miller isn't the only one seeing the potential. American bank JP Morgan has also added crypto funds to their wealth management portfolios and investors who have typically opted for traditionally stable assets are taking more bets on cryptocurrencies.


What does this mean? Investors are seeing the massive reward potential of digital currencies and many more agree with Miller’s gold reference.

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