The Continuing Contract Faculty Senators Council (C-FSC) represents the interests of the nearly 2,500 contract faculty across NYU in University governance.

Dr. Lisa Coleman – who will report directly to the president and be part of the Senior Leadership Team – will, in close collaboration with Provost Katherine E. Fleming, lead the development and implementation of a strategic plan to systematically advance equity, diversity, and inclusion across all NYU schools and units.

Dr. Coleman comes to NYU from Harvard, where she served as the Chief Diversity Officer and Special Assistant to the President.
Prior to Harvard, Dr. Coleman had worked in a similar capacity at Tufts University from 2007 to 2010. Prior to becoming Tufts’ first senior diversity officer, she directed the Africana Studies Program and taught in American Studies, English, and Women’s Studies. Before joining Tufts, Dr. Coleman also taught in the City University of New York system and held positions at Merrill Lynch, Inc. and the Association of American Medical Colleges in Washington DC.

Dr. Coleman is an alumna of NYU, where she earned a Ph.D. in the American Studies program. She earned her B.A. from Denison University in Granville, Ohio, and three master’s degrees from the Ohio State University.

Read more via the official NYU news release.

New Continuing Contract Faculty!

This year, close to one hundred new continuing contract faculty colleagues have joined NYU across 16 schools, colleges, and centers.

We encourage you to introduce yourself and give them a hearty welcome to NYU!


"America's colleges and universities have encouraged students of all ethnic and economic backgrounds to pursue a quality higher education. The DACA program has allowed these young people to pursue educational opportunities in a variety of disciplines and they are actively contributing to local communities and the national economy by working, volunteers and paying taxes. In an increasingly interconnected global educational environment where students, faculty and ideas travel freely, it makes little sense to limit the ability of these students to reach their highest potential in the country in which they have spent their entire lives."

Read more of President Hamilton's statement to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell here.

Next C-FSC Meetings and Minutes

The C-FSC meets in the 5th Floor Colloquium Room, Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life on 238 Thompson Street. The next meeting is:

November 7, 2017 | 12-2pm

You can find meeting minutes here. Contact your senator for any questions.

Following the denial of visas to two tenured members of NYU's faculty who were scheduled to teach at NYU Abu Dhabi in 2017-18, members of the Department of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies wrote President Andrew Hamilton a letter expressing their concerns. President Hamilton responded to those concerns in another letter. Additional information about global mobility were also posted in this FAQ.

For those who want to express comments or concerns, write to, attention of the Global Network University committee. The purpose of this committee is to monitor and analyze academic, faculty, and other issues pertaining to the GNU campuses and portals.

Read the entire letter exchange here.

Don't forget to make your benefits elections in the Benefits Resource Center by 11:59 pm on Monday, November 6!

Anticipating your medical needs for the coming year and evaluating your medical plan options in advance can help you elect the health insurance most optimal for you and your family.

Available now, the robust Decision Support Tool helps you estimate how much each medical plan for 2018 will cost based on your monthly contributions and anticipated use of medical services.

To access the tool in the Benefits Resource Center, select Enroll Now and proceed through your Annual Enrollment overview. In Step 2: Make Your Elections, the Decision Support Tool option will appear (see image) once you select the Medical enrollment button. Then, using recommended step-by-step instructions(PDF) on how to best utilize the tool, you will be able to better discern which medical plan may be most appropriate and cost effective for you and your dependents.

To further assist your decision-making, please read and consider three fictitious scenarios (PDF) that explore and compare plan participants’ estimated costs under each medical plan option.

Additional Resources

If you have questions about Annual Enrollment, or any of your NYU benefits, contact PeopleLink at or 212-992-LINK (5465).

A Note from the Benefits Committee

The Benefits Committee urges faculty to consider whether they might save money by switching to the High-Deducible Health Plan with Health Savings Account (HDHP-HSA). You will need to assess your own circumstances and to determine for yourself whether this plan is right for you; but it is our strong sense that many faculty members have not made the comparison, and that many would find that they would realize substantial savings by switching. See the Human Resources guide " Choosing the Right Medical Plan" for help in evaluating whether the HDHP-HSA option would be right for you.

Three important features that often go overlooked about this option.

(1) This is the only option in which pharmacy and medical expenses are combined toward a single deductible.

(2) While the per-visit cost for primary and specialist office visits is higher ($80, $90) than the Value and Advantage plans ($30, $40), the saving in monthly premiums is very much greater. Note that the in-network provider list is the same for all three plans.

(3) Unlike the health-care Flexible Spending Account (FSA), the Health Savings Account (which is only available with the HDHP) provides the opportunity for greater pre-tax elections, unlimited roll-over of unused funds from year to year, tax-free growth on invested funds, and your HSA funds are yours to keep even if you later switch back to the Value or Advantage plans, retire, or leave the University. Plus, the University will contribute $250 to your HSA each year if your salary is below $75,000.

The University is committed to continuing to offer the Value/Advantage Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans. The committee’s only purpose in making the recommendation that faculty at least reassess their choice of plans is that the data suggest that many faculty may be missing out on savings by not considering the HDHP-HSA.

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