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Please help us promote these events at your campus and include them in your newsletter:

Oct 23 to 27 - Red Ribbon Week

Oct 24 - 7-9pm - ESDC Building B - Treasurer Training

Oct 26 - Discover CFBISD High School Options: Make an Educated Transition- Administration Building Board Room 1445 N. Perry Rd. Carrollton 75006 - 6-8pm Click the link for flyer in English and Spanish

Oct 31 - Active Status deadline to participate in Reflections

Nov 2 - CFB ISD School Board Meeting

Nov 8 - Council PTA Regular Meeting @ ESDC Texas Room - 6:30pm

Nov 10 - Reflections spreadsheet with advancing entries to Council PTA judging due

Nov 27 - SHAC meeting - 11:30am to 1pm - Mary Grimes

Nov 28-29 - Reflections entries advancing to Council due

Find more online at

October Program Highlight
Make an Educated Transition

Thursday, Oct. 26th, 6:00-8:00pmCFBISD Administration Building
1445 North Perry Road, Carrollton, TX 75006
Join us on Thursday, October 26th from 6:00-8:00pm. Program is suitable for families.
Childcare is not available. See the flyers below for complete details.


HEAD START AWARD – Submit dues for 75% or more of last year’s total members to TX PTA by Sept 30,2017

    • Rainwater El. PTA

    • Carrollton El. PTA

    • Country Place El. PTA

    • Creekview HS PTSA


    • Furneaux El. PTA

    • Good El. PTA

    • Stark El. PTA

    • McCoy El. PTA

    • Newman Smith HS PTSA

    • Rosemeade El. PTA

    • Field MS PTA

EARLY BIRD AWARD – Submit dues for at least 100% of last year’s total members to TX PTA by Sept 30,2017

    • Rainwater El. PTA

    • Carrollton El. PTA

    • Good El. PTA

    • Stark El. PTA

    • Newman Smith HS PTSA

    • Rosemeade El. PTA

    • Field MS PTA

ACTIVE STATUS = Officers in PT-Avenue + dues for 20 members to TX PTA as of
Oct 7th, 2017

    • Rainwater El. PTA

    • Freeman El. PTA

    • Blalack MS PTA

    • Carrollton El. PTA

    • Country Place El. PTA

    • Creekview HS PTSA


    • Furneaux El. PTA

    • Good El. PTA

    • Stark El. PTA

    • Blanton El. PTA

    • McCoy El. PTA

    • Newman Smith HS PTSA

    • Turner HS. PTSA

    • Ranchview HS PTSA

    • Rosemeade El. PTA

    • Sheffield El. PTA

    • Field MS PTA

REFLECTIONS - Click here for Reflections tab on our website.

In order for your PTA to participate in Reflections, your PTA MUST have attained "Active Status" by October 31, 2017.

PTA President and Membership Chair please help the Reflections Chair ensure your PTA attains "Active Status."

Active Status:
*Remit to Texas PTA state/national membership dues for at least 20 members and *submit to Texas PTA the name and contact information (mailing address, phone number, and email address) of at least one current board member, preferably the President via PT Avenue.

Upcoming Reflections Dates:

*Active Status Deadline: 10/31
*Spreadsheet of entries advancing to Council due: 11/10
*Advancing entries turned into Council: 11/28-11/29

Download the Reflections Advancing Spreadsheet here.


As part of the effort by Council PTA to engage and inform our community about all the good things that are happening in CFB ISD, we are asking our PTA leaders and members to share their positive stories on any and all social media platforms they prefer and use the hashtag #CFBmatterstome.

Council PTA will provide posting ideas at certain times, but don't wait on us! Share the message about why you choose public schools and more specifically, why you choose CFB! Incorporate this personal message into your conversations with friends and neighbors and let's get the message out to our community!

Here are some other ideas for use of #cfbmatterstome within your PTA:
Add it to your spirit wear!
Place it on all your electronic and print PTA communications to your board AND to your members!
Add it to your PTA signature line on your emails!

Some other hashtags that are used for public education:

HEALTHY LIFESTYLES - Click here for additional resources on our website.

Red Ribbon Week is October 23rd - 27th


Does your PTA or school need help with Scholastic Book Fair?
Cindy Castillo, CFB Council PTA Fundraising chair can help. Email

Having an event or fundraiser, let council know so we can help promote and support you throughout CFBISD PTA’s.

Don't forget to choose 2 tax free days per calendar year and approve them at a board meeting.


  • Secretary is one of only two positions required by law as an organization in Texas.

  • Minutes are legal documents; official and historical record of the actions of the organization.

  • Minutes are required for end-of-the-year audit.

Minutes should include the following information from the treasurer report:

  • Beginning balance

  • Total receipts

  • Total disbursements

  • Ending balance

    Minutes should include approved budget amendments: all amended lines must be included or the new amended budget. Attach Treasurer’s report to the minutes.

Minutes record action taken by the group and include:

  • The exact wording of motions as stated by the chair and who made the motion.

  • The action taken on the motion (pass/fail).

  • Summarized reports of officers

  • Brief & Factual, no opinion or judgment

Tips for Secretaries:

  • Get the agenda early and use as a template

  • Sign-in sheets for Regular mtg./Board member roster for Board mtg.

  • Sit close to the President, help stay on task

  • When in doubt, ask!

  • Write Thank You notes


1. Council Dues of $75 deadline is 10/31/17 - hurry and pay your PTA dues!

2. Sales & Use Tax - Applies to tax exempt orgs

File Federal form 990 annually to maintain your PTA’s tax exempt status

But be aware… Sales Tax is different!

If your PTA sells certain types of items to raise funds -- or even as a convenience to your school community with no profit, you must

Have a Sales & Use Tax Permit from Texas State Comptroller’s office

Collect Sales Tax at time of sales (unless it’s a tax-free day)

Remit (pay) it to Texas State Comptroller’s office at regular intervals

®Use federal tax exempt status so you do not pay sales tax on purchases

®Designate your State allowed two ‘tax free’ days carefully

®Keep good records & do not overpay when remitting sales tax to the state:

ØPTA sells a shirt for $10.00 (total amount collected from buyer - including sales tax

ØState + local tax rate is 8.25%

How much do the PTA 'owe' in Sales Tax? Not $0.83!

ØIt’s only $0.76; the other $9.24 is PTA income (total collected divided by 1.0825)

®Avoid fines - If you have a Sales & Use Tax permit, you must file a sales tax return every period, even if you have no sales for the reporting period, or if all your sales are nontaxable

®Ask for help if contacted by State Comptroller’s Office about unpaid taxes

To learn more…

What types of sales require that sales tax be collected – and which don’t?

How do we get a Sales & Use Tax Permit?

How do we calculate Sales Tax collected / owed?

What are those ‘tax free’ days?

How do we file our sales & use tax return?

…come to next week’s training, and check these resources:

Texas State Comptroller’s Sales Tax at
Texas Sales & Use Tax FAQ’s

Texas PTA home page at
State Taxes section in BASICS Treasurer Resource Guide (under Leadership : Treasurer
C-FB Council PTA Resources & Board including


Request the latest copy of your Bylaws & Standing Rules from Texas PTA. Specific steps can be found

Pages 11-14 in the Parliamentarian Resource Guide contain an overview of the purpose of the Bylaws and Standing rules, as well as steps on how to amend these governing documents.

To assist you, training videos can be found on the Bylaws page of the website:

o SPOTLIGHTS: Bylaws & Standing Rules

o Bylaws Submission Webinar


You may ask your school parents to drop off plastic grocery bags at your school and you may deliver them to the next Council PTA meeting for Metrocrest Services. They are used by clients as they shop at the Metrocrest Services Pantry.

Council PTA is also supporting district-wide two-week long food drives at CFBISD schools. School PTAs should encourage student and family participation.

Last 2 weeks of Oct - Perry MS and McLaughlin Elementary - Laundry Soap

First 2 weeks of Nov - Polk MS and Stark Elementary - Hygiene Items

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