Bishop Perry's Chicago Catholic Men's Forum "Authentic Christianity Lived" will take place in about two weeks on April 23, 2022. To register and for more details, please visit: “We are proud to offer a few hours of respite, prayer and solid input to men across the Archdiocese on how they can live faithfully the implications of their baptism and discipleship in Christ for these times.” ~ Most Reverend Joseph Perry of Chicago This is the Men’s Conference for men in the Archdiocese of Chicago, and promises to be the best that you have experienced from Catholic Men Chicago Southland (CMCS)! We have a seat for you, because it turns out this is a busy day for Catholic men: There is a Deacon meeting in one of the Vicariates, as well as the Illinois K of C Convention. So this means there are more seats to fill that usual ... CMCS has a practical way of evangelizing catholic men young and old, and their families, of helping them to understand what the culture often rejects – how men and women should relate to one another in complementary ways and how important husbands and fathers are to children. Since 2004, CMCS has reminded men and helped them to do what is in their power to do: to be holy and courageous, to improve their marriages, to be better fathers, to grow in virtue, to serve the needs of others more generously, to be a better citizen. Here's some comments from guy's who have attended previous events: “Good Job! Thanks to all leadership keeping this going”. “Good speakers. I will keep in touch via. website and follow the blog”. “This was a good Event. I enjoyed the keynote address”. “Suggest to have 2 conferences per year — Spring and Fall — to attract more guys”. “Wonderful speaker and great people”. “Interesting how the many of our experiences are similar”. “This was my first time, and I thought is was very good. Thank you.”. “Always enjoy attending … “. “Excellent conference. Very good attendance. Excellent keynote speaker. Workshops excellent”. “(Enjoy) joining men of different parishes”. “Inspirational!!”. “Great event. Great message with important challenges.” “It brought me to task as a Man.” “Time well spent!” “Let more people know about Catholic Men of Chicago Southland.” “Outstanding!” “This event was moving and spiritual. It was more than I expected.” Guy's -- Thanks for reading, and we'll see you at the Men's Forum! "We lose our souls not only by the evil we do but also by the good we leave undone." .... "A character is made by the kind of thoughts a man thinks when alone, and a civilization is made by the kind of thoughts a man speaks to his neighbor." ~ Ven Fulton Sheen