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Men's Forum 2023
Impact and Response
Note: If you attended the Men's Forum and did not complete a response card, you can do that here online. This helps us measure the impact for this and future events. Thank you!  -- Frank J Casella

[ Listen to the recordings of Bishop Perry's talk on the blog, or on the CMCS Meeting Wall (on page 3 of the resources area). The talk is in several recorded segments due to an unexpected techical glitch.] 

The Bishop Perry Chicago Catholic Men’s Forum 2023 was held on 15 April at Saint John Neumann Parish - North in Hazel Crest, Illinois. The Keynote speaker was our own Bishop Joseph N Perry. He talked about the impact of the culture on the Church and how to respond to it. 


A great group of men from across the Archdiocese of Chicago, and Midwest America, joined together to, as we say, feed their stomachs and then feed their souls. A hot breakfast was served by the men’s group from St. John Neumann Parish, and the closing Mass many say was very meaningful, as well as Deacon John Rangel preaching the homily. 


After the Keynote Presentation, the men were asked questions to answer amongst each of their tables, that worked like Forum men’s groups (compared to parish men's groups). These groups discussed each question and reported the one-sentence response for their group, and the men where then able to categorize these into main themes, as follows:


 (Note: We ask the men who attended to now go deeper with these questions, and if you did not attend download here the questions)

CMCS Forum – Bishop Perry questions and men's responses:


  1. Mention a point or pointers from Bishop Perry’s speech that resonates with me and my faith leanings these days.
  • With religion and patriotism, we need to speak up.
  • We need to have devotion to our faith.
  • Don’t be discouraged.
  • Be examples of the faith to others.
  • To be hopeful in times of reduced faith.
  • Be a teaching example.
  • Engage with other spiritual men at public gatherings.


  1. How can I/we be better witnesses to the Lord Jesus in times of questioned faith or no-faith – belief or skepticism?
  • We are living signs in public: Say Grace in restaurants, and let others (family) see you in time with God.
  • Stand up for your faith and be prepared to stand alone.
  • Remind self and others about subjective Truth, not objective Truth.
  • Be a public display in the workplace: Have a Catholic calendar on your desk, saint quotes on your walls, etc.
  • Be present, reflective, listen to and with others.
  • Sticking to saying Grace, and family meals.
  • Asking questions, and truly listening.


  1. In what ways can I apply the practice of my Catholic faith in my home – with spouse and children, grandchildren?
  • Be examples, and challenge, trust in God.
  • Make Sunday a Holy and family day.
  • Spiritually grow together as a family.
  • Make your house a Catholic home, with Sacramentals and Catholic prayers. 
  • Use technology / Internet to engage children and family about the Faith.
  • Use the Catechism to speak from as a resource to build community.
  • Meet people where they’re at, and let God work on their heart.


  1. What personal resolution(s) am I able to take away from this morning of reflection?
  • A reminder of things you can and can’t do.
  • Make prayer your habit and see where it takes you.
  • Make good habits over bad habits.
  • Practice presence with family and others.
  • Jesus has the final word as we follow …
  • Have courage to fight the Good Fight, and plant seeds.
  • Stand in the face of persecutions, have courage to lead family in Faith.

The purpose of this Forum process is to bring men together to 'compare notes’ and confirm their faith journey with each other in community, and how to live an authentic Christian life as a Catholic man. 


After this Forum experience, the men gathered together in the parish church for the closing Mass with Bishop Perry and Deacon John Rangel, CMCS Director of Mission.  Click here on the blog for the Gospel reading and homily from Deacon Rangel.


Below are some of the responses from the men who attended this Men’s Forum for your encouragement:


First, one man sent us an email with this picture and said: "Thank you very much for another great men conference. I left uplifted and stronger spiritually."

"I thought the event was wonderful. Very well thought out." 


"Excellent mini retreat! Very much liked Bishop Perry's talk and Mass."


"Wonderful event. Hope to be invited back." 


"I enjoyed attending this event: Learning from Bishop Perry's speech and the group participation and discussion. Overall, it was an excellent event. Thank you!" 


"Bishop Perry's address was informative and thought provoking. The breakout sessions were beneficial and helpful to growing on our faith." 


"Great to see men demonstrating and sharing Catholic Faith." 


"Always great, both spiritually and with comradery. Many blessings to this group." 

We would like to thank the Archdiocese of Chicago for this radio interview before this event, as well as for promoting this through parish bulletins. Thank you to Father Edmund Aristil, Pastor at St. John Neumann Parish, for visiting the event and opening his doors for us, as well as the CMCS-Donors who made this all possible. Mostly, we thank Bishop Joseph Perry for being our guest speaker this time, as this would not happen without his support of this apostolate.


And, I personally thank the CMCS Team and the St. John Neumann Parish Men's group for their hard work to make this event meaningful for the men attending.


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