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Dear CMCS Men and Friend's,
As we transition during this Octave of Christmas and the new calendar year, I would like to share this timely article for your review - Be free, live differently: A New Year’s resolution for men - the author shares some thoughts that I and CMCS totally agree with, and hope you do as well. ...
"Men in particular should be challenged in this new year to embrace a greater call to Christian leadership. Our culture seeks to push men to the sidelines, preventing them from fighting to protect what our culture wants to undermine: the presence of God and strong families. To this end, a good New Year’s resolution for men could be, “This is the year that I will step up and embrace the fight for the good of my family and the Church!” ....
...  This resolution will require getting in shape spiritually, doing the interior exercises needed to be fit and strong for a different kind of fight, one with an unseen enemy that uses all the distractions at hand to divide, distract and weaken. Rediscovering the will to enter this fight will go a long way.  .... 
....  I have come to the conclusion that supporting men in their faith life is the most urgent task to bolster our families, society and the Church."
The other reason for this article is to promote an online program for Catholic men called Exodus 90. This experience is best done with a group setting, so if you have even a slight interest in experiencing this, please let me know and CMCS will look into organize it (we're looking for a 'raising of hands'). Just reply to this email message or drop a private note on the contact form at contact.cmcsmen.net 
Exclusive Content on MeWe 
Speaking of the new year, one of the things that I will be doing often is sharing my inspiring thoughts exclusively on the CMCS page on MeWe. This is in addition to our blog posts and events, and my latest photography about hope and God's love in the world, as well as all the content that Bishop Perry and I create for male Catholic spirituality. 
Speaking of doing things in a group, if you've not heard of MeWe, their slogan goes something like this: "MeWe is the Social Network of the Future - Here Now! No Targeting, No Newsfeed Manipulation, NO BS. Your data is #Not4Sale to advertisers / marketers". MeWe has high engagement from pepople of all walks of life and, like all the alternative social media platforms that you will find CMCS, makes your privacy first priority. We've been on MeWe for a couple years now, so hope to see all of us to engage together as a group there as well. Again, drop me a note if you have a question.

Thank You For Your Generosity!
I pray that you're experiencing a meaningful Christmas. It is a time when each of us, according to our means, make a special effort to give gifts that are meant to show our love for our family and our friends at Christmas.
I have been deeply moved and incredibly grateful for the tremendous effors that you have made to continue to pray for and provide for our apostolate, to help support our good work and outreach mission, and the people whose lives are touched by CMCS (and thank you for the surprise from a few of you with the gift cards that, as one of you said, 'will only take up room in my drawer' !!).
You've kept us going since 2004 and we can't do it without you
If you have not, and value the impact and encouragement of the CMCS Vision: to Foster Catholic Men's Spirituality in Chicago (and especially the) Southland, please consider donating to support our efforts. Your contribution will help us continue to make our event tickets affordable and CMCS available to all readers across the archdiocese and beyond for free, without a subscription. 
On behalf of Bishop Joseph Perry and the CMCS-Team, 
Marry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

Frank J Casella, CMCS Executive Director
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