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Sometimes our prayers, with good intentions, don’t seem to make a dent in things, other times we see change, and yet other times prayers are meant to change us to see God’s wisdom in each matter.


But the important thing is that, no matter how God responds, He gives us the power of prayer as a secret weapon that goes beyond human understanding. When we pray, we are making an appeal vertically for everything we are dong horizontally. Other times God may put it on our hearts to pray for a matter.


For example, there is this belief in politics these days of what is called the silent majority. This is when people don’t say or show who they support or will vote for. However, when it comes to our faith and prayer, there has been a silent majority through prayer for ages … you might also call this the wireless connection to God.


So it is important to pray for each other, because we need each other, and our prayers do not go to waste.



Photo: 'Faith, Prayer, And Politics' - Copyright 2019 Frank J Casella - from my blog The Thoughts Behind My Thinking.
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Just a thought ... 

This holy season of Advent is an opportune time for each one of us to look into his life and see how he stands with God. Consider it a pre-season to Christmas, just like football and baseball have a pre-season. Christmas should be a reminder to us of the second coming of Christ, which will be very soon for all of us. We always make time for what we love. 


~ Frank J Casella, Catholic Manhood Nuggets

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