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Recording - CMCS Answers Your Questions
Click here to listen on the conference platform, or call this number for recording playback: (667) 770-1493, Access Code 9242336. You can also click image above to listen on our video / audio channel.  (Read this on the blog)
On December 4, 2023 for the monthly Manhood Discussions conference call we talked about 'CMCS Answers Your Questions'. The recording is about 30 minutes and full of nuggets that would enlighten you!
The discussion is based on this statement: 
CMCS is a ministry that helps men become strong disciples of Jesus Christ. Through CMCS, men will be formed and sharpened as witnesses to Jesus Christ, who are committed to serving him and willing to boldly live and share their faith. It is the mandate of every Catholic man to bring Jesus to a broken world. To live his faith and engage in this mission, every Catholic man needs a strong relationship with God that is rooted in prayer and the sacraments.
Catholic men need to proactively invest in their on-going faith formation, to be a part of a dynamic brotherhood that supports, sharpens, and strengthens them to be holy men, hus-bands, and fathers. This is especially important in today's society, where there is a growing secularization of society. Catholic men need to be intentional about their faith and how it impacts their daily lives. They need to be part of a community of men who are committed to living out their faith in a way that is both authentic and effective.
Notes from the recording: 
The nervous moments of silence during this discussion is intentional so that we allow the Holy Spirit to speak through us. This is a 'tool' that we use during the discussion at parish men's groups and at the annual Bishop's Men's Forum.  

The CMCS Team Answers Your Questions: 


  2:00 The reason for this topic.
  2:04 Prompts to talk about.
  5:45 Personal resolutions.
  7:00 Our spiritual growth tools.
  9:00 Frank's personal growth tools.
10:00 Using Advent as pre-season to Christmas.
13:45 The importantce of writing things down.
15:30 Using an 'Idea Book'. 
17:00 Witnessing in the workplace. 
22:30 Being an example to family and friends. 
26:15 Standing in the face of persecutions.
27:15 The why of Catholic male spirituality. 

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The CMCS Mission: Catholic Men Chicago Southland (CMCS) is engaged in fostering holy and courageous men and proclaiming the importance of husbands and fathers to children and the family. CMCS is a Catholic Apostolate founded in 2004 by Most Reverend Joseph N. Perry, Deacon John Rangel, and Mr. Frank J Casella.
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