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Handing It Over To God
By Frank J Casella
Photo - Man of God
Photo: 'Be A Man' - Copyright 2017 Frank J Casella
So, we're now about half way through January, and the time when the resolutions we make start to drift away, or are not so 'new' anymore.  
Let me ask you ... if you started a new years resolution, did you hand it to God from the start?  Or are you doing this in your own strength? 
If you did do this together with God remember .. just because you don't see Him responding how you think He should, doesn't mean He's not involved.
In either case, it is safe to tell you to stop doing everything yourself.  Yes, it's how God made us men. Yet we can't do it without Him. There is a balance, and it takes time, and always evolving. 
When it comes to resolutions, it's easy to think we know what we need to work on. But it's important to be open to the Lord's direction day by day, because it will change. If you're doing it with God, you're likely to experience more success.
Start praying and asking Jesus to bless you where you need it most every day, and you'll be on your way to a successful resolution. God doesn't need us to do His work, rather to meet Him were He is at work (through us). Then keep your awaremess open to the prompting of the Holy Spirit for God to bless you. 
Where and how God blesses you most likely will go beyond your own understanding of your own needs. You may be challenged. You may struggle in a certain area.  You may make a major achievement. All of these are blessings, because they help us to grow in our faith and be the Man that God calls us to be. 
This is how I have come to the conclusion that instead of a new years resolution each year, I just concentrate a new way towards my spiritual growth.
So this year I started listening to the podcast ' Bible In A Year With Fr. Mike Schmitz'. I thought that I was on the right path, when I came upon the ' Catechism In A Year With Fr. Mike Schmitz'.  
After listening to the Catechism podcast for a few days, I've come to find that Fr. Mike fills in the grey areas between the text very well. This has given me the peace of mind that I need, and God is blessing me where I need it most.
Short of the long, by handing your life over to God - every inch of it, even when going to sleep at night - He will take care of it.
Because handing it all over to God is what the world needs to see from us Catholic men today. 
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