Summer 2019 Donor Update

Dear Donors and CMCS-Men of Catholic Men Chicago Southland,

Digital technology and business practices change almost daily.

But, when it comes to men and Catholic manhood, one thing we at CMCS have learned over the years that has not changed is that men need to talk.

We need to connect the dots, if you will, with other men on the challenges we face in the workplace and at home.

The format of CMCS events might change, for example fifteen years ago it was The Bishop’s Prayer Breakfast and now it is The Chicago Catholic Men’s Forum, but the need stays the same.

Around the country you may notice a movement of Catholic men’s conferences. This is something we have done too. And what came out from that was to focus on the group discussions, which are events smaller in size.

Men have found it difficult to start talking but went home enlightened.

The best we can do in the Chicago Southland, to keep focus on our own Vicariate, is to share and teach online for the benefit of all Catholic men who wish to nourish and foster holiness and make Christ the center of their life.

Back in 2009 we started a blog – - which later took on different formats. Now, for the past year, it is a blog again because it archives thoughts and teachings with a search function; unlike CMCS social media or the Mailing List.

Why is this important?

Keep reading, below.

The blog continues as a follow-up to the annual Forum, as a tool to continue the journey. At one time we hosted several conferences a year. However, since digital information overload has evolved, those events became sparse.

Let’s be honest, it is easier for a man to look up his need online than to attend an event and become vulnerable. Yet engaging socially both online and offline is exactly what is needed for a balanced life.

In other words, online platforms should serve the purpose to find more ways to engage with others offline.

Analog social is where we use all of our senses. Our brains are not made for the amount of time the average man spends in front of a screen.

This is why we will not do away with the community of the live Forum.

So we’re trying something new – and need your feedback, your prayers, and your help.

So, together, we need to take a stand with the blog, and this means your prayers and financial support, to help answer the questions a Catholic man is searching for.

Things like how to be a strong Father your children need; living your faith with ethics, integrity, honesty, and wisdom; working through the joys and struggles of manhood; leadership at home and work; and how faith in God impacts family life.

Plus, basic topics like prayer, employment, marriage, sports, men’s groups, money, father and son, and divorce are what men are mostly searching for now as well. We also plan some surprises!  

The CMCS-Team finds that men need an entry point to bring us in touch with our spirituality, and to take the next step of reaching out and sharing with other men in an environment that supports this.

And this is done through the live Forum, but not always.

Sometimes that means to search online or ask questions with a comment on a blog, to send an email, or make a phone call.  

This appeal is a separate endeavor from funding the Forum and CMCS operations that we usually do in the Fall of each year, where the average gifts have been $35.00 and $200.00.

Your feedback, questions, and support today is what will make the impact of the blog possible … or not.

You will make a difference! Please donate today? 

Thank you on behalf of the CMCS-Team!

Frank J Casella,
CMCS Executive Director

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