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It’s Time To Evolve CMCSMen Online

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By Frank J Casella

You may recall how I recently let you know that CMCSMen is on the moveSo I would like to update you on how CMCSMen will evolve going forward:


New E-mail Sending Schedule


In recent weeks, as you may know, we’ve been combining all of the mailing lists and providers into one list and one provider.  So, in an effort to send you less mails, we’ll be (starting today) combining the weekly blog posts and the weekly Manhood Nuggets videos together and send this to you every Thursday, in late afternoon.


The monthly Manhood First Monday will still be sent on the first Monday of each month, in the late afternoon. And the Stewardship Update will be sent on select Tuesday’s, in the afternoon.


I may also send you an email of noteworthy content from time to time, that speaks towards our motto of ‘Living the Goodness of a Catholic Man’.


As usual, when an email is sent and you don’t open it, then a copy of the original email will be sent two days later. This is in the event you don’t see it or it got lost in your inbox feed, as it is common for example the first mail from email lists can go to spam but the second will deliver to the inbox.


CMCSMen On The Web


You can find our site with a menu at as always … but here are some direct links:


The CMCSMen apostolate is now at and the blog is now on Tumblr at You will also find a webpage at - and  bookmark these to easily come back to them.


The Tumblr blogging platform, by the way, has a growing Catholic community if you wish to join, but the real benefit is their app will notify you of all our blog posts, as well as allow you to follow via RSS, plus make comments to each post. One of the things about our former blog is that it did not have all these features for engagement.


CMCSMen on Social Media


CMCS has a paid page on MeWe which is more privacy oriented if you prefer to engage there, and will have the same features and content as the Tumblr blog, it’s just a different platform for you to choose. Likewise on MeWe is our Catholic Manhood group which shares other content on the theme of our motto – “Living the Goodness of a Catholic Man’.


The other platform is which is public in case you wish to bookmark it instead of create an account, and will share both the CMCS content and other stuff from around the web as mentioned above.  It also will allow you to directly view our videos from our Brighteon video channel without a link.


All of these social media platforms do not have algorithms, so you will see in your feed everything we post and in the order that we post it.


We’ll be sharing more updates as we roll them out, but this is the foundation of the new CMCSMen online. Let us know what you think

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