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Dear CMCS Men and Friends,

Join us tonight for an conference call discussion, Monday 12 June, at 7:30pm, for thirty to sixty minutes, to discuss how as a Catholic man to get closer to God, evangelize the world today, or use technology and the Internet to engage our children and family about the Faith.
If you have not seen it, the Vatican recently published A Pastoral Reflection on Engagement with Social Media. Please come to our meeting with a general understanding of this document (you can find it on the meeting wall at the link below) and we'll talk about this as well as holding possible future meetings. 

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There are 3 ways to connect: 


On the meeting wall listen in only with the radio button (scroll down the page). 

On the meeting wall hit the blue button to connect with desktop browser or use the smartphone app. 

On the meeting wall call in the phone number and access code. 


Note: You are welcome to use the video feature with the browser or the app, however turning it off saves bandwidth (freeze), as I won't have anything to share on the screen for you to see. 




So here is my suggestion for future meetings on this topic: 


June 12, 19, 26. and July 10, 17. - 7:30pm for thirty to sixty minutes. We'll also record these meetings in case you can't make one of them or wish to share it. 


The document (here): 




Towards Full Presence


A Pastoral Reflection on Engagement with Social Media:


I. Watching out for pitfalls on the digital highways
Learning to see from the perspective of the one who fell into the hands of robbers (cf. Lk 10:36).


II. From Awareness to True Encounter
Learning from the one who had compassion (cf. Lk 10:33).


III. From Encounter to Community
“Look after him” (cf. Lk 10:35) – extending the healing process to others.


IV. A Distinctive Style
Love … and you will live (cf. Lk 10:27-28).



Finally, to give you a sense of the document, here are some words from the conclusion: 



81) As we have seen, we travel the digital highways alongside friends and complete strangers, striving to avoid many pitfalls along the way, and we find ourselves becoming aware of the wounded on the side of the road. At times, these wounded may be other people. Sometimes we are the wounded ones. When this happens, we pause, and through the life we have received in the sacraments, which is at work in us, this awareness becomes encounter: from characters or images on a screen, the wounded man takes on the contours of a neighbour, a brother or sister, and indeed, the Lord, who said, “Whatever you do to one of the least of these… you did it to me” (Mt 25:40). And if at times we are also the ones who are wounded, the Samaritan bending over us with compassion also bears the face of the Lord, who became our neighbour, bending over suffering humanity to tend to our wounds.


In either case, what might have begun as a chance meeting or distracted presence on social media platforms becomes people present to one another in an encounter filled with mercy. This mercy allows us to taste, already now, the Kingdom of God, and the communion that has its origin in the Holy Trinity: the true “promised land.”


82) It may be, then, that from our loving, genuine presence in these digital spheres of human life, a pathway can be opened to that which Saint John and Saint Paul longed for in their letters: the face-to-face encounter of every wounded person with the Lord’s Body, the Church, so that in a personal, heart-to-heart encounter, their wounds and ours may be healed and “our joy may be complete” (2 Jn 12).



Hope you will join us! 


Keeping you and your journey as a Catholic man in prayer, 


On behalf of Bishop Perry and the CMCS Team, 


Peace be with you! 





PS. There is no charge to participate in this discussion, as all of CMCS online has always been free to access (without paywall), but not free to make. So please consider a donation to CMCS, and help us as well to close out the last month of our fiscal year to serve stronger our mission for the next fiscal year. Thank you very much!  -  donate.cmsmen.net
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