Daily inspiration before Father's Day ... Dear CMCS Men and Readers, with Father’s Day this weekend, we know you’ll enjoy this fresh look at the important role that dad's play in family life! We're taking this week to send you encouragement about what it means to be a Dad. A Catholic Dad. Your Kid's Dad. ... and a father figure to the youth in our society, even for those of you who do not have a son or daughter in the flesh, to the children who do not have a father present in their lives. So that, by Father's Day, we can all have useful and powerful tools in our Manhood tool box to be even more the man, husband, and father that God calls us to be. Look below for today's edition. You can also bookmark this webpage at manhoodmonday.cmcsmen.net to come back to, or move these (and all CMCS) mails to their own special email folder for archiving. If you were forwarded this E-mail and you like it, sign up at manhoodmonday.cmcsmen.net Thank you very much! Happy Father's Day! Frank J Casella ---- What is your ID as a Man? (From the 2013 CMCS archives .. slightly edited for relevance) While growing up my Father often said to me “You’re a Casella, and Casella’s don’t do that”. He was referring to how our words and actions create the identity of our name. As a Catholic man, we are given the responsibility to define what our (family) Name means for this generation. Is it as a Man or Woman of God, or something else? Men, we all make mistakes, but we need to example to our kids how to clean it up like spilled milk and move on. Our job is to balance out what Mom says, because there is something about the voice of Dad that determines in our kids the image they see of themselves as a person and member of society. Recent studies tell us that Dads determine the church habits of their children and thus to a significant degree their eternal destiny. According to one study, if a father doesn't go to church no matter how faithful the mother is, only one child in fifty will become regular church goers. In other words, a Father has the power to pass on blessings or curses to his wife and family. In order to be a blessing, though, we as men must first be open to receiving the blessings. Likewise, some believe that God has his hands on America is that America is pro-Israel. Genesis 48:15 shows how blessing are spoken by Fathers. We shape the image of our wife by what and how we speak to her. Daughters will marry someone who disrespects her because our actions as her Father ( to her Mother ) illustrate to her this is how life works. When we speak positive encouragement to our daughters about who she is as a person and a women, it gives her more confidence to be more than just a pretty face to men. Men, we need to speak to our kids about their future by painting for them a picture of success. The relationships of parents greatly affects the psyche of our kids. Kids need to see us men hold our wife and kiss her in appropriate ways. Likewise, our sons and daughters need to have from us hugs and meaningful touches of affection otherwise they view us as authoritative. Moms do the nurturing, but it is Dad who provides respect and stability in our kids through, not long conversations but, little snippets of ( Godly ) wisdom. Guys! As the priest of our house, we need to example and speak to our family about identity and what it means to be a insert your Name here. Commit to correcting their path. God uses the broken experiences of our lives to turn it into His glory, if we are open to letting Him. Receive these blessings and pass it on. You only fail when you give up. ---- How can the CMCS-Team pray for you? Tell us at pray4me.cmcsmen.net Thank you for supporting 'Living the Goodness of a Catholic Man' at donate.cmcsmen.net