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Also, starting next week this weekly email will be spilt up to twice weekly: On Tuesday's will be the Manhood Nuggets video for men about the Gospel message for the upcoming Sunday. And then the CMCSMen Blog post on Thursday's. This is based on your feedback over time. I hope you find these improvements to uplift your spirituality as a Catholic man.  -- Frank
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Vision: To Foster Catholic Men's Spirituality in Chicago Southland
Living as a Practicing Catholic
Father Right Now Today.
By Frank J Casella, CMCS Co-founder & Executive Director
Photo: 'Faithful Fatherhood' - Copyright 2013 Frank J Casella. Click here to get your copy.
Many of us men who read this newsletter are Fathers. To be a Father takes more than just having children – it takes living by example and treating our wives and women with respect. This can have an impact on our children three generations deep. We learn how to do this from watching how our dads treated our mothers. If you have a father who is a good role model, thank him personally or through prayer if he has passed away.
The growing epidemic of fatherless families, and our culture feminizing manhood, has taken a grave toll on children, both young and old, in the form of emotional, social, spiritual, academic, physical, criminal, and suicidal issues later on in life. It is not only fathers who have an impact on their children’s lives, but also uncles, grandfathers, and other male relatives. The fathers in these families are just one example of a role man can play in a child’s life.
Here are some ways you can support living as a Catholic Father right now today:
  1. Live your life with integrity.
  2. Be a good friend and supporter to your wife and children. 
  3. Don’t take things for granted – it’s important to spend time with your wife and children. 
  4. Be patient with your wife and give her the space she needs. Likewise with our children, especially once they are teenagers.
  5. Communicate with your wife. There are many ways to communicate with your wife. Some couples find that speaking openly and honestly is the best way to get along. Others may prefer to write letters or cards to express their feelings. Whatever works best for you is the key to a successful relationship.  
  6. Lead by example and treat women with respect. 
  7. Listen to your wife and understand her concerns. 
  8. Spend quality time with your wife and children. 
  9. Kindness:  Help each other make it through life. Make it simple.

  10. Prayer:  Ten minutes each day, tell Jesus how much you love him, and MAKE time to listen to the Holy Spirit speak to you.
  11. Reading:  Follow a daily Catholic devotional or read your Bible - Tip: ask God to speak to you, then open the Bible and start reading. IT WORKS!!  (Subscribe to the US Bishops Daily Readings)
  12. Devotion:  Download and contemplate each day A Man’s Prayer".  Let the words speak to you, direct you. You will see a positive change in your outlook in life and world view.

  13. Virtues:  Download Bishop Perry’s Virtues of a Catholic Man.  Work on one at a time, but make it a goal to work on them.

  14. Support Yourself:  Join or start a Parish Small Men’s Group.  Make it your business to be at the next Bishop’s Men’s Forum, annually the first Saturday after Easter Sunday.

  15. Support Others:   Donate to CMCS your time, expertise, money.  It was the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI who urged Catholics to reach out and convert believers in society. Join the CMCS social media community and make comments from your heart.

  16. Worship:  Worship the Lord Jesus Christ who makes life truly worth living, as opposed to the temporal things of this world – money, sports, food, cars, women / porn, booze, work, etc. – more of Christ, less of you. If you're not filled with Christ, your full of yourself. Bring yourself to the pew each Sunday - then, if married, bring your family.

  17. Courage:  To be a great leader of people — inspire them to follow you, not your rules.

"We believe Jesus Christ set’s the tone and the description for authentic manhood.  The Gospels offer the outline and formation for manly maturity and the carrying out of responsibility as a single man, as a married man, family man, widow and for a man’s last days as he prepares to meet his Maker!  A man can’t go wrong with taking on the task of the Christian lifestyle."


~ Bishop Joseph Perry

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