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March 2019 CMCS-Letter
Dear CMCS-Men and Friends, 

"How long can a human being go without food?  Given various circumstances it varies a good deal.  At age 74 Mahatma Gandhi, the famous advocate for India's independence, survived twenty-one days of total starvation.  He allowed himself only sips of water.  A Northern Ireland prisoner endured a 66 day hunger strike before he died.  The illusionist David Blaine had no food for 44 days in a stunt where he was sealed in a Plexiglas box which was suspended over the Thames River in London.  A Japanese hiker who was lost went without food for 24 days and survived.  In the desert, Jesus went without food for 40 days, the Bible tells us.

Going without water is another matter altogether. The rule of 3's says you can't live without air for 3 minutes, without water for 3 days and without food for 3 weeks.

How many Sundays can you go without Holy Communion before you starve to death spiritually?  The Gospel of John has Jesus telling us, "Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood you have no life in you!"

There is no Catholicism without the Eucharist!"

 -- Bishop Joseph N Perry
40 DAYS FOR LIFE, MARCH 6TH THROUGH APRIL 14TH: So, what better way to honor the Lenten call of Prayer, Fasting, and Alms Giving than to spend an hour of your time once a week in prayer at the site where babies die and mothers lives are unalterably changed.  Peaceful prayerful public witness will take place on the public right of way in front of the Flossmoor Planned Parenthood beginning Wednesday, March 6th through Sunday April 14th between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm will save babies and keep their mothers from harm.  No shockingly graphic or confrontational signs are allowed.

The added hope in this campaign is that the new Aid for Women Pregnancy Care Center located immediately south of the Planned Parenthood, will be open and able to provide the loving alternative to abortion many of the expectant mothers are looking for and that we will be able to point them to as they enter the Planned Parenthood driveway.

JOURNEY THROUGH LENT WITH THE CATHOLIC CHICAGO MEN BLOG: CMCS will post a few times a week on the Catholic Chicago Men Blog to encourage and support your faith walk.

To follow along, bookmark blog.cmcsvirtues.org and it will take you there. Visit as often as you like, or subscribe by e-mail or the RSS feed in the blog footer. You can also hit the Follow button on Twitter or our LinkedIn Page.

And so that we may all reflect on our Journey together in Community - on the Saturday after Easter - Remember to get your tickets now to attend the Men's Forum.   

“Remember you are dust and to dust you shall return.”

OUR LENTEN JOURNEY HAS BEGUN: Now it's time to slow down, reflect and prepare ourselves to receive the incredible gift of Easter morning. Tap this link for archdiocese multimedia Lenten resources. 

BECAUSE TIMES ARE CHANGING RAPIDLY, SO ARE THE THINGS THAT AFFECT OUR DAILY ROUTINES: Instead of coming up with the usual sacrifices for Lent like chocolate, sweets or alcohol, here is a list that is somewhat less cliched and more up-to-date.

IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN TO CHANGE CMCS ONLINE: Once a year the CMCS websit goes through a 'design lift'. Because once a website is a year old, in the speed of technology, it's really old!  So, check out the new site desgin, and take note of the revised address - CMCSArchChicago.org Some of you who have been around for a while may remember this address back in the founding days. The CMCS-Team has decided this is relevant now more than ever with the expanding Catholic men's conferences and movements growing across the country.  Side Note: the former address still works - CMCSVirtues.org - in case you have it bookmarked. 

You may also notice in the bottom of these update e-mails all the links for resources? Those are the most clicked on from the former website, and they have been clicked on even more since we've included them in all our mails to you!  We are now in the culture of having information fed to us, and so the new site design is just esential information to get you or the visitor to where they want to go. Once they subscribe to the Mailing List, and become a CMCS-Man like you are, we feed them more 'spiritual meat'.  

Hope you like it! 

Click here or Flyer above to download (PDF File). Please help spread the word! Make a dozen copies, hand them out, and ask your priest if you can place them in back of church. Just like our Faith, the only way you get something out of the Forum, is from what you put into it. The BEST way a healthy exchange happens at the Forum is when you invite other men, or bring them with you! 

Thanks, have a blessed and meaningful Lent, and see you at the Forum! 

The CMCS-Team

Catholic Chicago Men’s Forum - Saturday, April 27, 2019. 
The Restless Journey of Life: How are we as Catholic Men embracing the invitation and challenge to enter the journey? 
Our Vision: Nurturing Catholic Men's Spirituality in Chicago Southland.

Mission: Catholic Men Chicago Southland (CMCS) fosters Catholic Men in personal holiness, to make Jesus Christ the center of our daily lives. 
CMCS is a Catholic Apostolate of Most Reverend Joseph N. Perry of the Archdiocese of Chicago.  Executive Director, Frank J Casella

“CMCS has been a great help in my walk with Christ on a daily basis.  I am surrounded by secular surroundings everyday and CMCS brings me “home.”  This group of men keep me grounded and express charity and humility, which is not easy to find these days.  The opportunity to listen to the wisdom of Bishop Perry is always enlightening and helps me in my growth in understanding the beauty of the Catholic faith.”


“My benefit from CMCS comes from the community of men I gather with and, our shared, interests, desires, and struggles with leading a Christian life.  Our community helps me realize that I am not alone as I strive to be a servant of God.  In this age where we race from chore to chore, and responsibility to responsibility CMCS provides me an opportunity to take time and think about God.  A time to step back to think about where I am at, where I have been, and where I want to be in God’s eyes when I enter eternity.  Of course the wisdom and guidance provided to us through the words of Bishop Perry are as the commercial says ………….. PRICELESS.”

The Catholic Man's Toolbox
Here you will find downloads for prayers and resources from Most Reverend Joseph N. Perry and the CMCS Team.
Called to Holiness: Tools for the Catholic Man
US Catholic Bishops Marriage Webstie: Unique for a Reason
Attend the Next Catholic Chicago Men's Annual Forum
Pornography's Effect on Marriage: Hope for Married Couples
Books for Catholic Men
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