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The Solemnity of St. Joseph



Dear CMCS Men and Friend's,


The Solemnity of St. Joseph is usually celebrated on March 19, but has been transferred to March 20 since the liturgy of the Lenten Sundays take precedence.

I respect St. Joseph for his obedient nature, selfless work ethic, and strong leadership skills. However, I find it difficult to fully emulate these characteristics in my own life.


This is why I think it's important for Catholics to have positive role models, and specifically for our sons. Below are some tips on how to model a Catholic lifestyle as an example that will inspire your son as well as your whole family. Whether or not you are married, I'm sure you've heard it said before: our children learn more from our example than from our words. 


1. Stay faithful to your Catholic faith.

Adopting a faithless lifestyle will only teach your son that it's ok to disregard religious convictions. Show him that it is important to have a strong faith in God, and stick to the basic fundamentals of your religion.


2. Lead by example.

St. Joseph was a great leader, and it's important for Catholics to emulate this example in our own lives. Be obedient, selfless, and lead by example. Offer your son guidance and advice, but let him learn from his own experiences  .... in his own time. 


3. Be a worker.

St. Joseph was a hard worker. Do your best to be productive and don't take things for granted. Work hard to provide for your family, spiritually and emotionally, as well as physically. 


4. Spend time with your family.

Spending time with your family is important. Which means to make time for your loved ones and spend quality time together. We are stronger as a unit when we're close to each other, especially during the struggles and the sacrifices. 


5. Show your son that Catholicism is a positive lifestyle.

Catholicism is a profound religion with a lot of positive elements. Show your son that it's possible to have a happy, fulfilling life as a Catholic man. That you're not perfect but a work in progress. Behave morally and ethically, and model proper Catholic values to him. Leave the rest to God to work on his heart. 


As CMCS Men we have the value of meeting together as a group for community, encouragement and support, as well as insight from the articles and resources on the CMCS blog and website. Through this we can learn about answering the challenges we face in the workplace and at home, and in our present culture. 


Remember, we are not doing this on our own, and should not, rather that our ID is in Jesus Christ who gives us our mission and virtues as a Catholic man. 



St. Joseph pray for us! 





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