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"He submerged himself into our mess and it was our mess that killed him. Easter is primarily a celebration of forgiveness, of reconciliation and absolution. What moves us to our depths; what shocks us in our surprise is the realization that God the Father did not take vengeance on us for what we did to his Son but has decided to start over again with us in such a remarkable way of raising his Son to life again and wrapping us up with him in that Life. This indeed is what Easer is all about. Each year on the feast of the Resurrection we Christians climb to the roof tops, as it were, and shout out to the world a piece of Good news that has disturbed the status quo of the world ever since, namely, that our God in Jesus Christ is alive when evil men meant him dead. For this reason, Easter is more than an event. More than one Sunday in the calendar when we munch on chocolate bunnies and marshmallow chickadees. Easter is an attitude. Easter is liberation. Easter is Life, our life in the here and now and hereafter. Let this feast of feasts for Christians be the day to start over, to cross the chasm, to repair the broken, to rediscover God’s extraordinary grace transforming our most ordinary days."

- Bishop Emeritus Joseph N. Perry, CMCS Founder

Photo: Good Friday - Copyright 2012 Frank J Casella
Getting Over My Fear of Confession
Most Reverend Joseph N Perry
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The Sacrament of Penance (Confession), Reconciliation is one of the most beautiful among the seven sacraments left to us by Jesus – a gesture the Lord practiced frequently when he was among us.  He wanted this gesture to continue to benefit us once he returned to the Father {John 20,22}.


For not a small number of Catholics going to confession is unsettling.  Facing and admitting our transgressions even within such an absolutely confidential setting of the sacrament can be uncomfortable, even painful.  In this case, the priest is always acting in the person of Christ and yet it takes courage and humility to present ourselves before God.  In Confession we are saying to Almighty God, “Please forgive me for intentionally rejecting You and acknowledging your presence in my life … for I belong to you.  I am your Son.” {Luke 15, 1-32}


Jesus promised that when we approach God with a truly repentant heart we can always come home.  It’s not that God wants us to feel bad, but, like any parent, God wants us to understand we did something wrong and are willing to change course so that we therefrom can image the good God bestowed upon us from the beginning. 


Through the parable of the Prodigal Son Jesus shows us that God is a loving, generous Father whose deepest nature is merciful, forgiving love.  We are reminded that we can always come home.


If you feel uncomfortable while waiting in the Confession line it’s a good sign. It means your conscience is healthy and working. Remember that God sees us standing in line and He is ready to welcome us back.  God isn’t angry or brooding or smug because our poor choices prove God was right. In fact, when we are sincerely repentant, God and all of heaven celebrate because we’re returning to Him. When the priest pronounces the words of absolution, imagine God embracing you, saying, “My son, your sins are forgiven you … Go, and sin no more.”  We receive powerful graces and are asked to make amends where possible. Rejoice in the chance to start again in grace.


Bishop Emeritus Joseph Perry


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