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Dear CMCS Men and Readers,
With Father’s Day this weekend, I know you’ll enjoy this fresh look at the important role that dad's play in family life!
I'm taking this week to send you encouragement about what it means to be a Dad.
A Catholic Dad.
Your Kid's Dad.
... and a father figure to the youth in our society, even for those of you who do not have a son or daughter in the flesh, to the children who do not have a father present in their lives.
So that, by Father's Day, we can all have useful and powerful tools in our Manhood tool box to be even more the man, husband, and father that God calls us to be.
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Thank you very much!  Happy Father's Day!
Frank J Casella, CMCS Executive Director
Are You The Average Dad? 7 Minute Fatherhood.
From the May 28, 2013 CMCS archive
The average Dad spends 7 minutes a day in meaningful conversation with his children.
The vital roll of the father: Your kids need you!  Your presence and role in your family is not only important, it’s essential.
Have you ever heard the phrase “Treat your girlfriend only in the ways you would if her mother and father were present”?
Fatherlessness is the most harmful demographic trend of this generation. It’s the engine driving America’s most crucial social problems including crime, adolescent pregnancy, sexual abuse of children and domestic violence against women. Yet despite its scale and social consequences, fatherlessness is a problem that is frequently ignored and even mocked.
Recent studies tell us that the father has influence on his children in a profound way towards moral development, self-image and their sexual identity. In fact, when your kids grow up with your presence and see an engaged, caring and loving father they are less likely to live in poverty, get on welfare, go to prison, and get pregnant before they get married.
As father’s we all have goals for our kids, but do you ever wonder what God thinks is most important? According to God, your primary objective as a father is for you to help your kid become like Jesus.
But how does this happen? For many of us, you can’t give away what you don’t have. If you want to teach your kids to be and grow in holiness, then you need to begin with yourself.  Jesus says the greatest impact you can have on your kids is to be the kind of person you want them to become.
Whether you like it or not, your kids are going to turn out a lot like you!  “No disciple is superior to the teacher; but when fully trained, every disciple will be like his teacher.”  - Luke 6:40  As a father, you are a natural role model for your children. So if you want your kids to follow Christ, you also need to be a man of God’s Word and of integrity.
Few souls understand what God would accomplish in them if they were to abandon themselves unreservedly to Him and if they were to allow His grace to mold them accordingly.
— St. Ignatius Loyola
CMCS believes that when you support a Catholic Man through his spiritual journey, it encourages him how to grow in holiness and make Christ the center of his life.
We try to provide the tools in the menu bar above needed for you to carry out your roll as a Father. From activities and events, to prayers and action steps towards the Virtues of a Catholic Man.  Is there something, though, that we are missing?  Something more that we can do?  Chime in with a comment below or send us an email on the contact page.
It’s all about “Living the Goodness of a Catholic Man”.
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