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Dear CMCS-Men and Readers, 
Below is a video sent to me by Deacon John Rangel, CMCS Director of Mission, it is by Chicago Deacon Richard Hudzik, and it speaks to the CMCS present focus on Catholic men living the funamentals of their Faith.
Frank J Casella, CMCS DIrector
Become "small." Open up and receive. Desiderio Desideravi.
"Desiderio Desideravi is examined in this video, the third in a four-part series walking through the Pope's relatively short (23 pages) letter issued on June 29, 2022. 
This video answers the question, "What is my responsibility when I participate in the Mass?" Indeed, if I lament that I "get nothing out of Mass," to be honest with ourselves, we might want to ask if the problem is in the Mass or in ourselves."
Click here to watch this short video.
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Recently posted on CMCS social media channels: 
YouTube adds abortion info to Catholic, pro-life videos: " Many YouTube videos produced by Catholic or pro-life organizations will now bear an abortion disclaimer and links to an abortion webpage, as YouTube claims that abortion is a topic prone to misinformation. The move means many YouTube videos about Pope Francis, Catholic teaching on abortion, and alternatives to abortion now include links to abortion information that video creators or video subjects might reject." 
Here’s how to stop Google from collecting huge amounts of your data: "This article should be read and passed along to everyone that you know. Using any Google products (Gmail, Google search, Chrome, Android phones) is far more of a threat to your privacy, security and freedoms than most people are aware. By doing so, you are handing much of your life over to Google and all the organizations, including governments, that pay for and acquire information about almost everything that you do and think. They decide who should or should not be allowed to send you emails, even those you have subscribed to, who can receive your emails, what you can read or say online – and much more.".
PayPal can still fine users $2,500 for promoting ‘intolerance’: "According to PayPal's list of 'prohibited activities,' users can be fined $2,500 if any of their transactions relate to or involve 'intolerance that is discriminatory,' 'the promotion of hate,' and 'items that are considered obscene.' "
Matthew Kelly - “Does Facebook hate God? It’s a good question. We live in a world increasingly run by algorithms, and those algorithms are not only atheist, they are intent on persecuting Christians.”
Note: CMCS has not used anything Google or PayPal, or Facebook, for a few years now, as we understand how it opens you up to  a kind of vulnerability that we are not comforable with. If you are looking for alternatives too (that do not use algorithms), to protect yourself or or family, you are welcome to contact us for suggestions. 
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Executive Director, Frank J Casella 

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