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CMCS Manhood Monday
Your weekly dose of "Living the Goodness of a Catholic Man".
October 19, 2020

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Love and Salvation That Jesus Gives Us
From Today's Readings:

Memorial of Saints John de Brébeuf and Isaac Jogues, Priests, and Companions, Martyrs.

Alleluia  MT 5:3

R. Alleluia, alleluia.
Blessed are the poor in spirit;
for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven.
R. Alleluia, alleluia.

* [5:3] The poor in spirit: in the Old Testament, the poor ( ’anāwîm) are those who are without material possessions and whose confidence is in God (see Is 61:1Zep 2:3; in the NAB the word is translated lowly and humble, respectively, in those texts). Matthew added in spirit in order either to indicate that only the devout poor were meant or to extend the beatitude to all, of whatever social rank, who recognized their complete dependence on God. The same phrase poor in spirit is found in the Qumran literature (1QM 14:7).

“There are three things, three steps that take us away from Jesus: wealth, vanity and pride,”

“because they immediately make you vain and you think you are important. And when you think you are important, you build your head up and then you lose it.”

 “When a Christian is attached to (worldly) things, he gives the bad impression of a Christian who wants to have two things: (both) heaven and earth,”

“with both Jesus and with the world, with both poverty and with riches…this is a half-way Christianity that desires material gain. It is the spirit of worldliness,”

“(It) is a counter-witness and furthers people from Jesus,”

“with persecution, with the cross.”  .. “is the answer to the gratuitousness of love and salvation that Jesus gives us.”

Pope Francis via CNA News

Frank's Photo of the Week
Photo: Glory in the Sky by Frank J Casella
A colorful sky from the reflections of the sunrise into the clouds, causing a beautiful silhouette of the trees. This is a moment in time that happens for only a few moments before it is gone. So futile is each day - here today and gone tomorrow - that makes it important to live our lives in the moment because we can get soo busy that we miss out on much that God provides us.


What do you think about the most?

That is your treasure.

Need help? 

Look in your checkbook, where does (most of) your money go?

It is said the average person's garage is filled with stuff instead of a car.

Is this not bad, as long as we keep things in right perspective?

For example, is it okay to own a Lincoln instead of a Ford (both made by Ford) as long as we're giving to others instead of hoarding for ourselves?

As Catholic men, should we not allow the things of this world to distract us from moderation, and doing the Lord's work in the world ... through giving Him our time, talents, and treasure?  

What is your identity as a Catholic man? .. as a son of God, or your paycheck?

How much time do you spend with Jesus in prayer and developing your relationship with Him and the Trinity?  The Holy Spirit dwells within you, do you ask your Guarding Angel to guide you? 

The key to balance, thus, is to downsize or simplify your life to experience more freedom.

Thanks for Reading.

 Make it a great week. See you back here again next Monday.

Frank J Casella, CMCS-Director

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