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Ideas and Inspiration from the desk of Frank J Casella

Every person has a right to their opinion. ....


The most fundamental right, however, is to love and be loved.


Often though love is spelled T I M E.


"If you want to change the world, go home and love your family."


-- Saint (Mother) Teresa of Calcutta



Photo: 'Love Your Family' - Black and White Square Photograph 2016 Frank J Casella

Content From Around The Web For Catholic Men: 
1) What Happens When You Avoid God’s Will?

"Almost 300 years ago, a saint and Doctor of the Church sat down and penned a 32-page booklet (merely six pages when printed out at home) that would – whether he knew it or not – fundamentally transform the lives of those who read it."

2) Serving Is For Boys
"By having just boys at the altar there is the happy side-effect of having more boys there and, therefore, more boys consider the priesthood. A vocation, as Wendell Berry has put it, is more than a job – it’s the work that is set before you that, in some ways, is only for you. You are suited to it and it is suited to you. He was not speaking of the priesthood, but we can, and we can speak of it as the work a man is called to. If he is not brought into that work effectively, he can never develop a sense of whether it is for him, or perhaps the seed is never planted."
3) Unmet expectations .... To ask God to give us a desire for Him, not our ideas about Him.
4) Across U.S. religious groups, more see decline of marriage as negative than positive.
Evangelical Protestants are more likely than Catholics to be concerned about the falling marriage rate in America, and the trend toward married couples have fewer children, according to a new Pew Research study.
5) Some Subversive Thoughts on Racism
Msgr. Charles Fink wonders how much of what is deemed racism in our society is really only a matter of feeling more at home among those with whom we are most familiar.  
6) Number One Baseball Book
Order Fr. Burke Master’s new book “A Grand Slam for God” 
7) Proclaim the Gospel with a "Missionary Spirit" with Br. Jose Barroso.
Note: If you find this content above is worth your time, it comes from what's been posted recently on the CMCS social media pages here and here. You can bookmark these pages, or subscribe to them. I try to post something every day, so each channel will have a similar presence, but also be slightly different. - Frank
Just a thought ... 

For every person who thinks you're "too quiet" there's one who thinks you're an amazing listener. For every person who thinks you're "too clingy" there's one who loves how much and how openly you care about others. For every person who thinks you're "too weird" there's one who admires how you dare to stand out from the crowd. For every person who thinks you're "too sensitive" there's one who respects you for being so in touch with your feelings. For every person who thinks you're "too confident" there's one who thinks your self respect is an inspiration. What's a negative trait in one person's eyes might be exactly what someone else is looking for. It's not black or white.


– via compassionatereminders

The key to success is to put God first.  Matthew 6:33 (Click image for source)
Have a great month! 
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