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What Masculinity Means To Us,
And Why It Is So Important To Us.
Click here to listen on the conference platform, or call this number for recording playback: (667) 770-1493, Access Code 9242336. You can also click image above to listen on our video / audio channel.  (Read this on the blog)
On October 2, 2023 for the monthly Manhood Discussions conference call we talked about 'What masculinity means to us and why it is so important to us'. The recording is about 50 minutes and full of nuggets that would enlighten you on what is Catholic masculinity.
The discussion is based on this statement: 
A man who transcends his own ego, his own fears, and his own selfishness, and makes a sacrifice of himself as a gift to those he's called to protect. Men in their physical identity must embrace heroic self-sacrifice, because it is masculinity's job to protect life and be expendable. 
Notes from the recording: 
The nervous moments of silence during this discussion is intentional so that we allow the Holy Spirit to speak through us. This is a 'tool' that we use during the discussion at parish men's groups and at the annual Bishop's Men's Forum.  
 2:00 - What is masculinity?
 2:55 - Bishop Perry's Virtues of a Catholic Man. (Download PDF)
 4:30 - Notes from last discussion about manhood. 
 6:40 - General discussion about the what and why of masculinity.
 8:00 -  Why men go to church or not. 
 9:45 -  Boys and Altar Serving.
11:00 - What the culture says masculinity is. 
12:50 - What masculinity is and how does is benefit the family. 
13:40 - What is self sacrifice of manhood?
15:00 - Jesus learned to be a man from Joseph's example. 
16:40 -  The example of the Saint's about living virtues.
19:30 - The challenges our children face is 2023.
24:30 - How do we pass our faith onto the next generation?
26:20 - Evangelizing in the field / culture.
30:00 - How we are catechized and our relationship with Jesus.
33:00 - Making men intentional missionary disciples. 
37:55 - Religious Orders and their spirituality. 
39:30 - Believe. Share. Transform. 
43:10 - The Domestic Church and our lifestyles. 
45:30 - The Church doesn't change, and it shouldn't. 
47:30 - How we inspire and impact others.
49:00 - The work of being a Catholic man in the 21st century. 
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