CMCS Fall 2023 Stewardship Appeal
We do this three times a year: In the Winter / Spring, in the Summer, and in the Fall.
“Catholic Men of Chicago Southland has provided me with access to others like myself, devoted men who are committed to, and seek to grow in wisdom and understanding of their faith. Through CMCS’s blog I am able to benefit from meaningful commentary, devotion and prayers, as well as offer my own insights. In my opinion, the CMCS serves as a vital resource which contributes greatly to one’s sense of belonging. In particular, I am grateful for CMCS’s emphasis on addressing particular aspects and challenges of pursuing a life of virtue as a Catholic man.”
 ~ From a CMCS Man

Dear Supporters and CMCS-Men,
As I shared with you Monday, your prayers and support are indispensable to advancing the Catholic Men Chicago Southland (CMCS) Mission.  We count on your individual support to share the beauty of the Church and directly impact the spiritual lives of local men. Please donate today. We must hit our fall campaign goal of $700.00 before the end of the month -

The Mission of Catholic Men Chicago Southland (CMCS) fosters Catholic Men in personal holiness, to live the fundamentals of the faith, and to make Jesus Christ the center of our daily lives.   Our goal is to give local men the spirituality they need to live their daily lives better, and keep them Catholic and Christian.

Thus, CMCS relies on your prayers and gifts to keep providing much needed encouragement - to fulfill our motto of " Living the Goodness of a Catholic Man" - and to share Catholic manhood information man-to-man or online, all pointing to our annual Men's Forum. All of these resources are free, only that Forum ticket sales are a donation to cover the food expense.

I invite you to please send your best financial gift by donating online or by check today at the button below, your generosity and support is the only way that CMCS survives.
You can also give to CMCS using PayPal, or by sending a check made out to CMCS to:
Catholic Men Chicago Southland
C/O Vicariate Office 
3525 South Lake Park Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60653
*CMCS is an Illinois State recognized nonprofit, and is not an IRS-certified charity. No revenue is generated by advertising, and funded only by individual support. Operation of CMCS is debt free, and administration is done by the CMCS-Team who gain no financial benefit from their engagement for this apostolate. Donations over expenses contribute towards part-time work of the Director.


A Note of Thanks


There aren't that many people who make it a passion or a practice of evangelizing Catholic men, and there aren't many men's movements, that we know of, who are an apostolate of a Catholic Bishop. 


As popular as CMCS apostolate and our site is, and continues to grow in numbers, it's not profitable, though it is debt free. Because reader donations and conference attendance sustains us, our outreach is ad free and I've turned down multiple offers from all kinds of secular outlets to advertise for them.

So, I would like to take a special moment to thank those of you who have helped to sustain this movement over the summer months, which is the most difficult part of the year financially. CMCS and I are not going anywhere, and all who are involved with The CMCS Team have always been volunteer, as it's the nature of men's ministry. The CMCS Founders have always believed in mission over money.  


We rely on prayer. We want to perform the work of the Lord, and He has to think about the means for us to do that. Thank you again to our readers and donors for your prayers and support!  


The reason CMCS has a platform, and for so long, is because of Bishop Joseph Perry, who has now retired (but will always be a Co-founder). Please keep this apostolate in your prayers as he transitions CMCS to Most Reverend Kevin M. Birmingham as our Episcopal liaison. 

About two decades ago Co-founder Deacon John Rangel said to me "If you don't dream it, it won't happen!".  I am deeply humbled over how the Lord through CMCS has transformed so many lives!


Please donate today. We must hit our fall campaign goal of $700.00 before the end of the month -


So, once again, thank you very much!! 


Frank J Casella,

CMCS Co-founder & Executive Director


Catholic Men Chicago Southland
Aplostolate of Bishop Joseph N Perry
Executive Director, Frank J Casella 

Phone calls by appointment via email.
The CMCS Mission: Catholic Men Chicago Southland (CMCS) is engaged in fostering holy and courageous men and proclaiming the importance of husbands and fathers to children and the family. CMCS is a Catholic Apostolate founded in 2004 by Most Reverend Joseph N. Perry, Deacon John Rangel, and Mr. Frank J Casella.
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